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The road to record is 1,099 km long

A sensation: The e-truck range revolution!

We have set a milestone in the sustainable logistics industry. Futuricum, DPD Switzerland and Continental were able to have an official Guinness World Record certified: Greatest distance by an electric rigid truck, single charge.

With this we set the world record

 DPD Futuricum e-truck

Ready for Record. The DPD Futuricum e-truck with Continental tyres. A strong team!

  • The engine: Four electric motors provide a powerful drive with a total output of 680 hp.
  • The battery: The record-breaking truck has four batteries with a total capacity of 680 kilowatt hours. This is Europe's largest truck battery.
  • The tyres: Continental EfficientPro, which are designed for particularly low rolling resistance. The tyres were developed for long-distance transports, where range is a priority.
  • Setup: 1,099 km at average speed of 50 km/h, average consumption of 58 kWh / 100 km, with empty swap body.

Meet the protagonists

Housi Truck driver / Team DPD

Truck driver / Team DPD

He is a veteran trucker of the old school. He has been on Europe's roads for more than 60 years. Only a man with this experience was considered by the project team as a record-breaking driver. The switch to an electric truck was more than critical for the diesel enthusiast. For him, trucks and diesel belonged together like salt and chips. But in the end, it didn't take long to get used to the idea and Housi saw, noticed and felt the advantages of e-mobility with the Futuricum e-truck. Today, he prefers to sniff flowers rather than diesel.

Christian / Mechatronics engineer

Mechatronics engineer / Team Futuricum

When Christian sets his mind on something, it has to work. On the Futuricum side, he is in charge of the technical feasibility of The Road to Record. He thinks that range anxiety is just a bad fairy tale, a “Little Red Riding Hood”. Together with his team, he is working persistently with Swiss precision to electrify the logistics industry. If something doesn't work out the way he imagines, things can sometimes get very uncomfortable. So, the road to success should be prepared for something.

Sabrina / Head of company / Team DPD

Head of company / Team DPD

Sabrina's motto in life is: Leave the conservative highways and explore new paths. One new path she is determined to follow with her company is the Road to Record. As early as June 2020, Sabrina deployed the first Futuricum e-truck at DPD. It is clear to her that something has to move in the logistics industry and therefore supports this project wholeheartedly to set an example for e-mobility.

Stefan / Tire mechanic

Tyre mechanic / Team Continental 

When you ask Stefan how things are going for him, he just says: It's rolling! The technical consultant at Continental is obsessed with all tyres. But what fascinates him most is the trend toward energy-efficient tyres. "With the right setup, you can save an incredible amount of energy here," says Stefan. With this insight, he was the right man for our project and a real asset when it came to choosing the optimal tyres.

Marco / Official Record Judge / Guinness World Record

Official Record Judge / Guinness World Record

A Guinness World Record is not a walk in the park! Everything has to work perfectly and absolutely nothing can be left to chance. Sentimentalism has no business here - at least that is his motto. Only hard facts and circumstances count here. These are the only emotions Marco allows.

Contidrom north of Hanover, Germany

On the track of the range record - with our partner Continental, the Contidrom north of Hanover, Germany, offered the ideal conditions to achieve this goal. The electric range revolution was to take place there, where Continental has been running various test and measurements since 1967. In the impressive high-speed oval with its length of 2.8 km, the Futuricum e-truck ultimately completed a distance of 1,099 km.

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