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Conti Tires Diwali Contest Terms and Conditions

  • The contest will be applicable to the end Consumers who will participate from 11th November 2023 till 15th November 2023 on the social media platform of Continental India Private Limited.
  • For participation, please use the following link: and
  • To enter the contest, the end consumer must capture a screenshot of a moving car image within the provided outline shown in the creative post.
  • Participants must then share their screenshot on social media with the hashtag #ContiSafeDriving and Tag 10 other end customer.
  • Screenshots must be original and not edited in any way. Screenshots must be clear and show the moving car image and the moment. Screenshots must be shared on social media within 24 hours of being captured.
  • No of Prizes: 3 end Consumers with the accurate screenshot each on Instagram and Facebook will win the prize based on randomizer.(Randomizer tool: Random number generators are typical software, where random numbers are selected. Their outputs are truly random selection).
  • The maximum number of entries for a particular contest is 1 per Consumer.
  • Any entries received after 15th November 2023 will be considered as invalid.
  • Company (Continental India Private Limited) reserves the sole right in respect of decision in respect to the entire contest, disputes all matters to do with the contest will be final and no correspondence will be entered. For example: No participant can question the results and basis of selection because there will be a randomizer tool involved in the selection process.
  • Amazon Vouchers will be provided by the Company after a period of 15 – 20 days from the date of winner's announcement (i.e.,1st  December 2023 ) through SMS on the contact number informed by Winners of the contest.
  • The amount of gift voucher will be INR 600/- per winner.
  • The gift voucher can be redeemed by the end customer on Amazon website ( Please note that Gift vouchers will be distributed to all the Winners only after proper and timely adherence of all the terms and conditions mentioned by the Company hereinabove in this regard.
  • Contest prize winners will be notified of the contest result by SMS on a number shared by consumers on social media (winners must therefore ‘follow’ our social media accounts in order to be contacted about the prizes).
  • By participating in the contest, the participant will be agreeing that the data shared by him/her can be utilized for winner selection purposes by Continental Tires.
  • CIPL reserves the right to change or amend or modify the contest due to any reason or no reason from time to time without any prior notice and consumer confirms that he has no objection to the same.
  • Continental India Private Limited “CIPL” reserves the right to make any modification, change, addition, and deletion in the contest and further also reserves the right to withdraw this contest at any point of time and consumer confirms that they have no objection in this regard to the Company.
  • This contest shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of India and further any dispute arising out of this contest shall be governed and constructed in accordance with India laws and shall have the jurisdiction at the courts at Faridabad, Haryana only.