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Road noise is the loudest part of a car journey

Unless it isn´t

Two little children asleep in the car as seen from the rear vanity mirror

ContiSilent™ reduces road noise, so you can enjoy the silence 

We believe that driving should be smooth, relaxing and devoid of superfluous noise. When you get into your car, fasten your seatbelt and turn the engine on, road noise should disappear along with the outside world. You are the master of your driving destiny, in charge of the sounds around you.
After all, there are much better things to listen to than tyres connecting with the road. Things like your children laughing in the back seat, your partner singing off-key, or simply silence.
To help you enjoy these little moments, we created ContiSilent™. Our innovative tyre technology reduces components of rolling noise perceived as particularly annoying by up to 9 dB(A), so you can listen to whatever you like.

The decibel scale - from silence to road noise

Decibal asset

Road noise can disrupt a peaceful journey. Unless it can´t

Nine decibels – that is how much our ContiSilent™ can reduce the sound of road noise inside your car.
An inner tyre absorber, made of polyurethane foam, is attached to the inner surface of the tyre tread, to cushion the road. It blocks the vibration of the tyre from being transmitted through the wheel into the interior of the car. For your passengers, this means that rather than missing the punchline, they can laugh long and hard at your inappropriate joke.
And, because the ContiSilent™ foam is bonded to summer tyres after the tyre production process, and compatible with all commonly available rims, the technology does not affect the driving performance, mileage, load or speed capability of your car. Not to mention that it’s sturdy and holds its shape no matter the temperature, meaning that even in the heat of summer,  it reduces components of rolling noise perceived as particularly annoying inside the vehicle by up to 9 dB(A).

Dad with his baby

Every tyre is the same. Unless it isn´t

A quieter ride. It’s not such a big ask, is it? It’s perfectly reasonable to want to have a conversation without competing with road noise, or to be able to enjoy the silence once the baby has finally fallen asleep. Happily, there are many tyre features, from width to rubber composition to the tread block shape, that help reduce road noise.

Our ContiSilent™ takes all of these existing features – including those of even the most sound-optimised summer tyre – and adds an extra layer of sound proofing to deliver a quieter driving experience. And the difference? It’s significant: a 9 dB(A) reduction in the components of rolling noise perceived as particularly annoying inside the vehicle. To put it in perspective, the human ear perceives every 10 dB reduction as cutting noise is half, and the (A) weighting refers to all noise in a range that affects human hearing.


Frequently asked questions

How does ContiSilent™ tyre technology work?
A special layer of polyurethane foam is bound to the inner surface of the tyre tread, to absorb tyre cavity noise and prevent body transmission. In other words, it prevents vibration from being transferred from the tyre to the wheel, axel and, eventually, the cabin, reducing the road noise in the car.

How much difference does 9 dB (A) make?
The human ear perceives every 10 dB reduction in noise as a halving of the audible sound. So, for example, a regular conversation is roughly 60 dB and shouting 70 dB. The (A) weighting refers to a range of sound, associated with lower-level environmental and industrial noise. This means that a 9 dB(A) reduction in the components of rolling noise perceived as particularly annoying inside the vehicle creates a much quieter driving experience. But, please note: the level of reduction of interior noise depends on the type of vehicle, its speed and the road surface.

Will it affect the performance of my car or tyres?
Not at all. Since all other tyre components remain the same, there are no differences in terms of performance characteristics such as braking, handling, mileage, load, speed capability or performance in the wet. It just absorbs road noise.

How can I find tyres with ContiSilent™ technology?
Our ContiSilent™ is installed during production. It was developed for summer tyres and is compatible with all standard rims, mounted, changed and used like any standard equipment tyres. You can find all available models on our website or choose from the selection below.


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