Technical Details

MAXimum Control

While cornering, the tyre's outer shoulder bears the greatest force and pressure. The Cornering Macro-blocks maximises the contact area with the road to create a wider footprint, then efficiently distributes the force to other parts of the tyre for better handling and stability.

MAXimum Control

Optimised compound stiffness results in a higher resistance to tyre deformation and improved steering response and precision. The ReFlex Compound comprises an enhanced polymer blend that provides excellent safety on dry and wet roads under mild to warm temperatures.

3D Laser-cut Sipes

MaxContact MC7's laser-cut 3D sipes comprising of Star & Lightning sipes and Aquasipes. They work together to cut through the water film from multiple angles and directions, then effectively eject water from the grooves.

Noise Breaker 3.0

Tyre noise is produced by tread as sound waves travel through the grooves, the Noise Breaker 3.0 interrupts the waves by disrupting the homogeneity of the grooves. The sound waves are broken up and dissipated into smaller frequencies, preventing noise from building up and travelling into the cabin of the car.


Product Fact Sheet MaxContact MC7

Product Fact Sheet MaxContact MC7

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