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Voluntary Exchange Programme for Multiple Passenger Vehicle Tyres in Malaysia

  • 1 model of Continental, 4 models of Dunlop & 3 models of Viking branded tyres produced during specific period may be affected
  • No reports of accidents or injuries have been reported, however tread separation may occur in these tyres
  • Affected tyres will be exchanged in Malaysia and replaced free of charge


Continental announces a voluntary exchange programme involving multiple passenger vehicle tyres that were produced at the company’s Alor Setar plant and sold in Malaysia’s replacement tyres market. The impacted tyres may show belt separations which can be recognised by vibrations of the wheels.


The affected tyres have been identified as Continental (185/55R16 83V FR CC6), Dunlop (195/60R15 88H J5, 185/60R14 82H J5, 175/65R14 82T J5 & 185/55R16 83V FR D06), and Viking (175/65R14 82T CT6, 185/60R14 82H CT6 & 195/55R15 85V FR PT6) with production dates from week code 4720 and 4820. The affected tyres will be exchanged in Malaysia and replaced free of charge. To date, the company has not received any reports of accidents or injuries resulting from this condition.


The company is in contact with the relevant dealers to support notification of customers who purchased these tyres, or vehicles equipped with these tyres. As widely as possible, customers will be notified directly and informed about the details of this voluntary exchange programme.


Customers seeking more information, including instructions for identifying affected tyres as well as obtaining replacement tyres are asked to visit Dunlop’s website ( and Continental’s website ( Alternatively, customers may contact +603-7787 3279 (customer service department) or email





How do I check if the tyres on the vehicle are affected?

Please check the tyre brand, size and DOT serial number of your tyres. The affected product line and DOT serial numbers are as follows:

Voluntary Exchange Programme

What should I do if I have the affected tyre(s)?

If you have (a) tyre(s) that is/are included in this programme, please make an appointment with your nearest Continental retail partner at your earliest convenience for tyre exchange.


If you have disposed of one or more of the affected tyres already or sold the vehicle on to which the tyres were mounted, please inform us with the appropriate information (e.g. to whom the vehicle was sold) by email ( or contact Continental Malaysia at +603-7787 3279 (Customer Service Department)


When will this exchange programme start and how long is the duration?

Our voluntary exchange programme will start on 15 April 2021. We have contacted all dealers on this programme. The programme will run for an indefinite period to ensure all affected tyres can be exchanged. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you check the tyres of your car before you use it again. The affected tyres are recommended to exchange soonest possible.


What costs will I probably incur?

Continental will cover the replacement tyre (including costs of mounting, balancing and new valve if applicable) for all exchanges according to recommended tyres by Continental made pertaining to the affected tyres.


Why are you having these tyres replaced?

The affected tyres may be showing belt separations which can be recognised by vibrations of the wheels. The affected tyre sizes are limited with specific production dates manufactured in Alor Setar plant. This exchange programme is being initiated proactively to avoid any potential risk to vehicle owners and other road-users.

The affected tyres were sold to customers in Malaysia and solely within the replacement business. To date, Continental has not received any reports of accidents or injuries resulting from this condition.


What measures will you be taking to address the condition?

The affected tyres (DOT week: 4720 & 4820) were stopped from selling in the market. All dealers have been informed not to sell the affected tyres to customers and customers who have purchased will be contacted and arranged for new replacement tyres.


Have there already been any accidents?

No, we have not received any reports of accidents or injuries resulting from this condition


What about the safety of other tyres under Continental group?

The safety of our customers is always our top priority. The findings mentioned above are restricted to the specific article, size and production period.


What happen to the other tyre on the same axle?

Depending on the remaining tread depth the tyre might be subject of an exchange to. Axle-wise the same brand and similar tread depth should be used.


Do I get the same brand of tyres as replacement?

We will recommend equivalent replacement of same brand tyres (subject to stock availability). Alternatively, if customers would like to opt for another brand, you may choose to replace the tyres with different brands by topping up the price differences (if applicable).


What do I do if I have further questions about the programme?

Vehicle owners whose cars are equipped with the potentially affected tyres should contact a Continental/Dunlop/Viking service outlet in Malaysia via contact  +603-7787 3279 (Customer Service Department) or email (


Please forward any media requests that are related to the exchange programme and cannot be answered within this Q&A to:
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