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Continental Tyres Launches Newest Generation 7 Flagship UUHP Tyre: The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia

The SportContact 7 is the first tyre which is adaptive to different vehicle class and size (in the UUHP competitor environment*) that guarantees the sporty SportContact feel and performance.

·        The SportContact 7 has significantly improved dry and wet performance on the street and on track.

·        Albeit a performance-focused tyre, it offers double digit improvement on mileage as compared to its predecessor, and better fuel efficiency.


12 October 2023 – In tandem with the series of Generation 7 products introduced in Malaysia, Continental Tyres today launched its flagship Ultra Ultra High Performance (UUHP) tyre, the SportContact 7, developed to redefine performance criteria standards and provide unparallel driving confidence on the road and on track for automotive enthusiast as well as for every Malaysian sports-car driver.

The latest SportContact 7 features a series of latest technology such as upgraded adaptive pattern that reacts to different driving behaviors by providing additional grip on the asphalt. In addition, the latest development also includes Force Clustering that provides the same SportContact handling and tailor-made performance for every vehicle class and the exclusive BlackChili technology has been further harmonized with the tyre pattern concept to ensure next level of driving pleasure.

“For the past several years, we have been listening to customers feedback and observing various performance driving patterns of road users across the globe, including Malaysia. To meet the evolving driving patterns and customer needs, we have exclusively developed the Sport Contact 7 with stickier compounds that ensure a better grip for an enthusiastic driving experience with zero compromise on safety and comfort on the road,” said Andrea Somorova, Managing Director of Continental Tyre Malaysia.

With the latest adaptive pattern technology for straight roads, the SportContact 7 is able to provide outstanding grip in wet conditions during braking or accelerating and avoid micro aquaplaning during cornering. During handling situations, the adaptive pattern of the SportContact 7 is able to provide stable handling characteristics in the outer shoulder, thus only allowing limited movement of the pattern.

As heavy vehicles in the UUHP environment need different performance requirements than light vehicles, the SportContact 7 is the first Continental tyre that is tailor made for every vehicle class and weight. The end goal of this tyre is to provide the sportive feel and performance and the experience of driving pleasure, regardless which car you drive.

The latest generation of resins combined with BlackChili³ compound, has been refined with new plasticizer to create an ultra-sticky compound, which is used together with the ground braking low void profile design to create an outstanding leap in tyre performance.

With its latest technology and confidence to be able to cater for every vehicle’s needs, SportContact 7 has received multi-award accolades from third party tyre review experts in Europe, including but not limited to Evo, AutoBild, Sport Auto, AutoExpress, WhatTyre, and Tyre Reviews.

Available at your nearest Continental Tyre dealerships nationwide, the SportContact 7 is offered for tyre sizes 18’’ to 23’’ fitments. Please visit for your nearest Continental retailer to find out more or please refer to for more information on the SportContact 7. 

The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia

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The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia
The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia