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  • Truck & Bus
    2022/21/03 Truck & Bus Continental Truck and Bus Tires offer safe, reliable and highly efficient solutions for the transport industry. Read more
  • Material Handling
    2022/24/03 Material Handling Continental Material Handling consists of tires for Industrial Material Handling and Port Operaions. The Industrial Material Handling tires consist of Industrial Pneumatics and Industrial Solids (Super Elastics and Press-On Bands). The Port Operations tires are mostly OTR Pneumatics and the big solid tires. Read more
  • Earthmoving
    • #Earthmoving
    2022/24/03 Earthmoving Continental EarthMover Tires were specifically designed for the extreme conditions our customers are facing in the earthmoving sector. Read more

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    • #Continental
    2022/23/09 About us Introducing Continental Tires, our history, our legacy, our product range, and our commitment to future mobility. Read more
  • 2022/29/03 History Dive into the history of Continental Tires, the globally successful company with German roots, first established in 1871. Read more