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Technical Details

Optimised wet braking and aquaplaning performance.

More drainage leads to enhanced traction. Therefore, the VanContact™ A/S is equipped with more sipes in the overall pattern, with wide lateral grooves in the shoulder and centre as well as three longitudinal grooves through the circumference of the tyre. The result: impressive grip on wet roads as well as in aquaplaning situations.

High performance in snowy conditions.

When it comes to snowy roads, interlocking with the surface is essential. To ensure the highest level of traction, the rippled structure of the groove sides combined with 'step' grooves in the middle provide impressive grip.

Improved handling from dry to snowy roads.

Related to steering and braking under various conditions, a good balance is always crucial. Due to the stiff ribbon structure with block-to-block connections and a stiff circumferential handling rib, the VanContact™ A/S convinces with very good overall handling.

Higher mileage and reduced rolling resistance.

Based on the new robust tread compound and optimised contour, the cost-saving potential goes into two directions: higher mileage due to a lower wear rate and lower fuel consumption as a result of reduced rolling resistance.

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Flat Tire Roadside Assistance Flat Tire Roadside Assistance
Customer Satisfaction Trial Customer Satisfaction Trial
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