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Driving on extreme terrain: Sardinia 

Driving on hot sand, hard and soft surfaces

Beach of rocks

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Not only is 25% of the island environmentally protected, but it is also home to both blue and green carbon stores. These are not your ordinary stores. No, these stores offer something so valuable not even money can buy. A green carbon stores is the carbon/oxygen exchange that is performed by terrestrial ecosystems. And a blue carbon store refers to organic carbon that is captured and stored by the oceans and coastal ecosystems.

The Island X Prix will be held in this unique location, taking the Extreme E race series to its first European destination. The event will take place in the army training area at Capo Teulada in Sulcis-Iglesiente, a historic area situated in the south-west of the island. The Teulada route provides a blank canvas for the course, which will measure around seven kilometers. It also offers a completely contrasting landscape to the previous three race rounds, providing a harder compact surface with many rocks and bushes plus riverbeds that crack due to the heat, but with some softer patches thrown in for variety.

The importance of seagrass

Extreme E will be working with MEDSEA Foundation, to support two legacy projects – one focusing on green carbon and the recovery response to this year’s devastating forest fires in Sardinia, and one supporting the restoration and conservation of Posidonica oceanica (seagrasses)   

In addition, the series will also look to highlight the rapid warming of the planet which has an impact on so many countries and has caused many parts of Europe, America and Australia to experience wildfires. In Sardinia, Extreme E will work with local NGOs to support the forest restoration efforts in these areas and enhance green carbon stores.

Seagrass infografic

The challenges

Coast of Sardinia
Coast of Sardinia

Over the summer, the sun dries out the sandy ground on the island, making it hard and compact. The terrain should already be softer come October, meaning drivers have many more natural obstacles to navigate. The aim is to provide multiple racing lines, allowing for overtaking as well as fast flowing areas and tight corners. The course walk in the days leading up to the race will prove essential for drivers to do their homework before stepping into the cockpit of the all-electric Odyssey 21.

The CrossContact Extreme E

CrossContact Extreme E tire
CrossContact Extreme-E tires

The tire fitted to all competing vehicles, which was specifically designed to meet the challenges of Extreme E, is well-balanced with a specially designed tread to enhance traction and stability on practically any surface Sardinia throws at the drivers. 

The CrossContact Extreme E features an all-terrain pattern consisting of big blocks and an off-shoulder design which makes it perfectly optimized for alternately hard and soft surfaces like sand. It also incorporates a “stone bumper feature” to bump out any stones that might get stuck in the tire. These brand-new tires, designed especially for the needs of Extreme E, will help contestants safely reach the Sardinian finish line.

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