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More than tires

Automotive expertise

Automotive expertise

Our view goes on tires and beyond

Continental is about much more than just tires. Ever since our company was established in the year 1871, we have worked on making the transport of people and goods safer and more efficient. Our innovative vision has remained unchanged over the decades. With vehicles becoming ever more intelligent, we combine our expertise in autonomous mobility & safety and vehicle networking to turn data and synergies into an improved driving experience.

New technologies developed by our research department include radars, sensors and connectivity systems that help to increase the safety for everyone on the road. As all systems, such as the automated braking function, are interconnected, they can only deliver the best performance when the car is fitted with the best tires. Innovative charging solutions for electric cars and hybrid drivetrains make your vehicles fit for the mobility of the future. Safety is Continental’s top priority, from the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, the tire,and beyond.

Innovating the future: megatrends in mobility

Autonomous car interior concept. Front seats turned around and passengers can relaxing or working when they driving.  3D rendering image.
Woman and her electric car
White SUV in one-way street detected vehicle in the blind spot. Connected car concept. 3D rendering image.
Connected cars and autonomous cars concept. 3D rendering image.
Handsome man, on the way to work, riding bicycle beside the grey wall. The man is casually dressed and wears eyeglasses and carries black briefcase hung on shoulder. Blurred motion, copy space has been left.

The right solution for every application

Continental always strives to offer the best tire solutions – and not just for cars. We also apply our comprehensive understanding of tires and tire development to a variety of other types of vehicle, from trucks, buses, earthmoving, port and industrial vehicles, to tractors, bicycles and motorcycles.

Solution for motorcycles

Whether you are looking for speed on the road or safety on off-road tracks: Continental offers the right tires for motorcyclists.


Solutions for truck and bus

If you put a lot of weight on the road, you need tires that are more resistant and longer lasting. Continentals truck and bus tires are just that.


Solutions for bicycles 

Racers, mountain bikes, cross-country bikes or trekking bikes: our bicycle department offers tailor-made tires for every cyclist.


Solutions for speciality vehicles

Continental offers a selection of special-purpose tires so that heavy construction-site vehicles and pallet trucks can perform their work safely.


At a glance: tire expertise that matters

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