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Your safety is our top priority. That is why Continental takes all possible safety and comfort aspects into account when developing its tires. All Continental innovations have to pass an intense testing regime before going into production. 

Each new tire has to complete hundreds of test kilometers on our main testing site, the Contidrom. A total of 143,000 tires are tested every year in different conditions. Last year, our test drivers amassed a mileage that would have seen them circling the globe 5000 times.

We subject our tires to more testing than any other brand. But that's not enough just yet: It is important to us that our tires also perform well in independent tests. And they do: tires from Continental are regularly rated top performers in impartial tests, and we have been voted the best tire brand of the year several times by the German motorists’ association ADAC and renowned magazines including AutoBild and AutoZeitung. This achievement makes us proud because it once again confirms: With Continental tires, you are safe on the road in all conditions.

Continental testing locations: world of testing

When it comes to tire safety, no distance is too far for our engineers. They travel all over the world to ensure that each Continental tire – whether winter tire, summer tire, all-season tire, or those used in sport and off-road activities – is tested by our experts in a wide range of weather conditions and on all types of surfaces.

Testing at all levels - from prototype to production

To deliver safe, optimized and reliable tires, Continental employs both established as well as new testing methods. Continental’s R&D expert Andreas Schlenke explains how testing – from virtual simulations to objective and subjective tests – is an integral part of every single phase in tire development.

The Contidrom: setting standards in tire testing

From the outset, the test engineers at the Contidrom have defined standards that are applied in Continental’s tire testing activities around the world. Want to see for yourself where progress in tire development is being driven to this day? Take a virtual tour and discover the many precision testing options available at Continental’s benchmark tire testing facility just outside Hanover.

Confirmed by specialist media: Top ratings for Continental tires

Continental tires keep winning tests all over the world. In 863 independent tests conducted since 2010, our products have received the highest rating 715 times - a stunning success rate of 83 percent. The awards that make us particularly proud include the award for the best tire in the past 50 years from Auto Motor Sport magazine, as well as the regular top ratings in the German Motorist Association’s major summer and winter tire tests. These test results are also an important reason for car manufacturers to trust us and fit every third car rolling off their assembly lines with Continental tires.

Best ratings for Continental tires

See a selection of our latest test results

Continental ASC Test Result

PremiumContact™ 6

The German magazine Auto Bild has published in issue 10/2021 the “Summer Tire Super Test 2021”. The tested tire size was 205/55 R16 91 V, test vehicle was a VW Golf 8.

This test is a special test with 50 participating products. The evaluation consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Wet and dry braking test: selection of the best 20 products.
Part 2: Complete test of only the finalists including wear performance and price.

The test was conducted by Auto Bild in cooperation with Bridgestone and Hankook 

on following proving grounds:
- Papenburg, Germany (wet/dry braking test )
- Idiada, Spain (wet and dry testing w/o wet/dry braking)
- Bridgestone Rome, roller dynamometer (wear test )

Rating for the PremiumContact™ 6: Exemplary

About our PremiumContact™ 6:

+ Premium summer tire with balanced performance

+ Short wet braking distance

+ Stable handling level

+ Very high mileage

-  Satisfactory hydroplaning performance


The German magazine Auto Bild has published in their current issue September/2020 the Super All Season Tire Test 2020. The tested tire size was 205/55 R16 91/94 V, test vehicle was a VW Golf 7/8.

This test is a special test with 32 participating products. The evaluation consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Wet braking and dry braking test: selection of the best 14 products (finalists)

Part 2: Complete test only of the finalists including wear performance and price.

For the first time Auto Bild is publishing the weight loss of the tire in g/1000 km for all finalists. This criteria is not part of the evaluation.

The test was conducted by Auto Bild on following proving grounds: IFV Institute for road wear test (Harz, Germany), Contidrom, Jeversen, Germany (dry and wet tests) and Test World Ivalo/ Finland (winter tests).

Rating for the AllSeasonContact™: Exemplary

About our AllSeasonContact™:

+ Convincing allround talent with best winter quality

+ Very good cost/performance ratio

+ Very good hydroplaning performance level

+ Precise steering precision

+ High mileage level

+ Fuel saving rolling resistance

WinterContact™ TS 860

The German magazine Auto Zeitung has published a preview of the Winter Tire Test 2020 online. The tested tire size was 205/55 R16 91 H, test vehicle was a VW Golf 8.

The test was conducted by Auto Zeitung at the following proving grounds: Pirelli, Älvsbyn, Sweden (snow tests) and Contidrom, Jeversen, Germany (wet & dry tests).

Rating for the WinterContact™ TS 860: Highly Recommended

About our WinterContact™ TS 860:

+  Unrestricted Recommendation

+  One of the best tires in the wet

ContiSportContact™ 5

The German magazine Gute Fahrt has published in issue 03/2020 the Summer Tire Test 2020. The tested tire size was 215/50 R18 V/W, test vehicle was a VW T-Roc.

The test was conducted by Gute Fahrt in cooperation with Pirelli in Vizzola/Italy.

Rating for the ContiSportContact™ 5: Very good

About our ContiSportContact™ 5:

+ No weaknesses, convincing on dry and wet roads

+ Steering precision and sporty layout

- Only satisfactory in Aquaplaning, Noise and Comfort 

PremiumContact™ 6

The German magazine Auto Zeitung has published in their current issue (6/2020) the Summer Tire Test 2020. The tested tire size was 225/50 R17 W/Y, test vehicle was a BMW 3series. The test was conducted by Auto Zeitung at the Contidrom, Jeversen, Germany.

Rating for the PremiumContact™ 6: Test Winner

About our PremiumContact™ 6:

+ Shortest braking distance and excellent balance on wet surface

+ Extremely good grip and therefore especially safe driving on wet roads

+ Very safe steering behavior and very good deceleration on dry surface

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