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Technical Details

  • Improved rolling resistance thanks to less deformation. The chamfered edge leads to a reduced deformation amplitude in sidewall and bead area, resulting in an improved rolling resistance.
  • The advanced application-optimized tread compound adds up to significant improvements in rolling resistance and mileage
Conti Hybrid HT3 19.5 Tread image

  • The two-layer tread construction of Continental motorway tires utilises different compounds for the cap and the base
  • This enables higher mileage performance thanks to the wear resistant cap compound as well as outstanding improvements in rolling resistance and major fuel savings coming from the low damping base compound


Conti Hybrid HD3 19.5 Regrooving image

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Size   Depth (mm)Width (mm)
245/70 R 19.5   3.05.0
265/70 R
285/70 R
305/70 R

Using our premium hot retreading service ContiRe™, you give new life to your worn Continental truck tyre and realise the full economic performance of the tyre. ContiRe™ production is compatible to how we manufacture our new tyres – using the same profiles and compound mixtures. Exclusively we use Continental casings, which are retreaded from bead to bead. This method also renews the sidewalls, and the tyres remain regroovable.

To ensure a premium finish, every tyre is put through durability and safety tests in adherence to a standardised quality system. Consequently, every ContiRe™ tyre is covered by our warranty. All this coupled with outstanding mileage makes our ContiRe™ the best choice of retreadable tyre.

During hot retreading, the process of applying the tread material is virtually identical to the production of a new tyre.

The tread material is taken directly from the extruder and applied to the buffed casing. Afterwards the tread/casing assembly is cured in a vulcanisation mould with the required tread pattern. The pattern on the tread is formed during the vulcanisation process just as it is when a new tyre is made.

Our hot retreaded truck tyres are retreaded from bead to bead. The main advantage of this principle is that the sidewalls are renewed, ensuring that the quality of the hot retreaded tyre is comparable with that of a new tyre.


Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

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