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Green Freight Program

The Green Freight Program is a shining example of Canada's commitment to fostering a greener future by promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the freight industry. In an era where sustainable practices are crucial for the health of our planet, Canada has taken significant strides to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector.

With a focus on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the Green Freight Program offers a comprehensive framework that encourages the adoption of innovative technologies and best practices throughout the freight sector. By supporting the integration of cleaner and more efficient freight vehicles, advanced logistics solutions, and smart transportation management systems, the program aims to enhance fuel efficiency, decrease operating costs, and minimize the environmental impact of freight transportation.

Green Freight Program Overview

  • Launched in Q4 2022 by the Government of Canada.
  • Funding streams are intended to help fleets reduce their fuel consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Financial incentives for companies to undergo third-party fleet assessments and implement truck/trailer retrofits to implement fleets investments in GHG- and fuel-reducing technologies and plan for the future.

For more information on the Green Freight Program

Please visit the Government of Canada website

Continental Can Help

Whether you are a fleet operator, a logistics professional, a technology provider, or simply an environmentally conscious individual, Continental Tire can help with retrofit devices and low rolling resistance tires to help you lower fuel consumption and emissions and offer efficiency and sustainability that may qualify your fleet to earn government funding to assist with implementation.

ContiConnect™ Digital Tire Monitoring

• Maximize vehicle uptime, reducing emergency roadside service costs

• Improve fuel efficiency

• Increase safety & compliance

• Enable maximum tire and tread life

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

• Reduce NOx and CO2 emissions

• Improve fuel efficiency

Visit our truck tire site to learn more about what Continental can do for you.

Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and prosperous freight industry. Let's pave the way for a greener tomorrow!


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