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*NEW* UltraContact UC7

Confidence without Compromise

Confidence without Compromise - The all new UltraContact UC7 - Designed as a striking harmony between balanced performance and safety. 

Features & Benefits

  • Improved braking distance and outstanding grip in wet conditions
  • Reduced cabin noise for a quieter ride
  • Enhanced wet performance without compromising on tyre wear

Prioritising Your Safety & Enjoyment

As we all continue to increase our focus on ensuring every purchase is delivering value, tyres are a key investiment to ensure safety for you and your passengers. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing you've chosen the all-new Continental UltraContact UC7 - A premium tyre that does not compromise on safety and enjoyment in your daily drive. 

The UltraContact UC7 provides has an exceptionally balanced performance, specifically developed to cater for passenger vehicles, delivering exceptional comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety. 


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The UltraContact UC7 tyre uses significant advancements in tyre technology, delivering three key advantages to the range -

1. Outstanding Wet Performance,

2. Noise Reduction, and

3. Long-lasting Tread Life

All without compromising on value and safety.

Expertly engineered, the UltraContact UC7's wet braking performance has improved by 16% over the previous UltraContact model, meaning braking distances have been shortened. Coupled with an increase in handling performance of 7%, contributes to the UltraContact UC7's outstanding braking and grip in wet and dry conditions. A combination of our Diamond Compound, Advanced Aqua Channels and Noise breaker 3.0 technology all contribute to the outstanding wet performance of this tyre. 

Notably, the improvements in grip and braking don't compromise on tread life, thanks to the technological advancements in the rubber compound. The Diamond Compound  also absorbs the impact from the road and reduces noise generation. And our Diamond Compound offers long tread life from the improved polymer network which is perfectly balanced between noise comfort, grip and wear resistance. 

With on-road safety as the greatest priority, Continental completed rigorous rounds of testing across all aspects of the UltraContact UC7's performance to deliver cutting-edge technology that redefines the driving experience. The result gives drivers the confidence in their everyday journeys, reaching their destinations safely and effortlessly. 

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The ultimate Confidence without Compromise!