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What is the difference between Tubular, Tubeless and Tubeless Ready?

The most commonly used tires are clincher tires (sometimes also described as "tube type"). They are ridden with a separate inner tube which you directly put into the tire when mounting it onto the wheel. 

Tubeless and Tubeless Ready (TR) tires can be used without tubes. In order to improve puncture protection and to seal the tire against externally caused harms we recommend using ContiRevo Sealant. 
Tubeless Ready tires are designed to be used with and without additional tubes, as per personal preference. 

Tubular tires, a real classic in road cycling, are glued onto the wheel rim and would remain in place even if the pressure drops. Their tube is directly sewed into the tire. This special construction may improve stopping capability.

What is the right air pressure for me?

As cycling is such an invidivual topic there is no general recommendation on the air pressure that would fit everyone. For safety aspects and tire capabilities the maximum tire pressure is stated on the sidewalls of Continental tires. This can make as a first orientation. 

In order to find your perfect tire air pressure keep the overall system weight in mind, the conditions you would be riding in, eg wet circumstances, as well as personal preferences eg when it comes to comfort questions. 

I use a bike computer. Where can I find the relevant sizing data?

You can find the technical size data on the single packagings of each our tires. 

Hookless compatibility

With different wheel types available on the market Continental tires are serving different technical needs. We hold options for both hooked rims as well as hookless. For the mounting carefully follow the instructions and recommendations available. 

How can I add up to my own safety on the road?

Similar as known from sports clothing some Continental tire models come with reflex options. They are either light or darker coloured and can help when riding in the dark. Additionally rather lighter clothing is a good choice. Also you could think of reflex strips on your bike, helmet or backpack.