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*NEW* eContact

Experience the next EV-olution

An EV-dedicated tyre specifically designed to get the best out of your electric vehicle

The eContact offers an EV-dedicated tyre incorporting cutting-edge German technolgies to deliver an impressive range of benefits that set it apart. Formulated to handle the increased weight and instantaneous torque delivery possessed by electric vehicles, the eContact is equipped with leading innovations including ContiSeal and ContiSilent. 

At the same time, enhanced on-road safety guarantees wet handling and braking performance, without compromising on a smooth, comfortable and optimised drive. 

Features & Benefits

  • ContiSeal technology provides reliability and peace of mind even without a spare tyre
  • ContiSilent technology ensures a whisper-quiet ride, thanks to a polyurethane foam acting as a noise absorber
  • Excellent wet handling & braking performance to handle increased weight and instantaneous torque delivery
  • Advanced noise reduction technology to ensure a comfortable journey
  • Low rolling resistance tyre for longer driving range

Get more out of your EV

With Australian demand for electric vehicles trending upwards upwards[1], the Continental eContact is designed to fit the escalating requirements of today's EV drivers.

Puncture protection in the form of ContiSeal extends tyre mobility and provides peace of mind for EV drivers who have had to forgo a spare tyre - a common situation in many EVs. This Continental technology includes a sticky, viscous sealant layer that instantly seals 80% of punctures up to 5mm in diameter. 

Tyre noise if often more pronounced in EVs, due to an absence of engine and exhaust noise. The Continental eContact overcomes this through ContiSilent technology and noise breakers, for a whisper-quiet ride. 

A ContiSilent tyre contains a special polyurethane foam within the inner surface of the tyre tread, acting as a noise absorber for a more comfortable ride. While the acoustically optimised tread pattern design and partition-type technology work to block the path of sound waves and inhibit tyre noise. 


POWR Up the Possibilities

  • Puncture protection - Extended mobility without a spare tyre
  • On-road safety - excellent wet handling and braking performance 
  • Whisper quiet - noise reduction technology
  • Range per charge - low rolling resistance

The eContact can be fitted to a wide range of Australia's most popular electric vehicles, including Tesla, Polestar, Volkswagen, Hyundai and MG.

To find out more about the eContact, click the button below. 




[1] Electric Vehicle Council, 2023, ‘State of Electric Vehicles’.

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