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New CrossContact™ - built for the Extreme 

An Extreme race requires an Extreme tyre 

CAPO TEULADA, SARDINIA, ITALY - OCTOBER 20: Continental tyre detail during the Island X Prix on October 20, 2021 in Capo Teulada, Sardinia, Italy. (Photo by Alastair Staley / LAT Images)

Extreme E is the most extreme racing series the world has ever seen. Scorching heat or blistering cold; muddy, sandy or icy – no matter how extreme the conditions, the drivers and their vehicles need a reliable tyre that provides grip, traction and excellent performance at every stage of the race. 

The first season of Extreme E pulled no punches: Our tyres were put to the test in every conceivable way, and they passed with flying colors! As far as performance potential was concerned, the CrossContact™ left nothing to be desired. 

Yet here we are, taking things to another level. As was demonstrated from one location to another last season, Extreme E is more than just a racing series. 


What's different about the CrossContact™ this season? 

Extreme E aims to leave a legacy of awareness and action in parts of the world that are suffering under the impact of climate change. In line with this, our new tyre is all about sustainability.

Extreme E tyre 2021 Extreme E tyre 2021
Extreme E tyre 2022 Extreme E tyre 2022

The CrossContact™ season 2: more sustainable then ever  

The Extreme E drivers know that they can rely on the performance output of the new CrossContact™, which will be as strong as it was last season. Its size, tread design and contour remain unchanged, meaning our new tyres still meet the unique requirements of the competing pure electric SUVs and have retained their ability to conquer the most unreal and diverse surfaces. 

Their story, however, is a different one. Key word: Reusable. With ContiRe.Tex, carcass material made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and new silica material made from rice husk, sustainable materials make up 32.7% of the Extreme E tyre.

Extreme E car in action
  • This tyre features an all-terrain pattern consisting of big blocks and an off-shoulder design which makes it perfectly optimised for hot and soft surfaces like sand and gravel.
  • It also incorporates a “stone bumper feature” to bump out the stones that sometimes get stuck in the tyre.
  • To finish off the summer edition tyre, it has a colourful print which gives both a 3D effect and resembles the texture of a lizard’s skin.
  • New silica material made from rice husk.
  • Carcass made 100% from recycled PET bottles.
  • Transportation in individual reusable bags made 100% from recycled material.

The new CrossContact™ and its contribution to the Extreme E legacy

While the teams steer their way through the natural obstacle courses that are the racetracks, Extreme E takes on its own climatic and ecological challenges. Just as in Season 1, the competition locations will cast the spotlight on regions facing challenges such as increasing desert landscapes or declining biodiversity. 
With all-electric SUVs at the heart of the action, the competition promotes sustainability at every turn. And when it comes to sustainability, our new CrossContact™ ensures that no corners are cut. As a tyre durable enough to withstand the twists and turns of the Extreme E terrains, built and transported with reusable materials to support the competition’s legacy, our new design ticks all the boxes.

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New Extreme E continental tire

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