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The VF CombineMaster can be used at a lower inflation pressure, enabling use on roads and in fields with no interim pressure adjustment or reduced durability. The general rule of thumb for VF tires is: 40% more load capacity or 40% less air pressure than standard tires.

Steer axle tires are the smallest tires on the vehicle – and that is precisely where the VF CombineMaster comes into its own. Combine harvesters can carry greater loads at road speeds but are also equipped for cyclic loading on the field, such as when filling or emptying a grain tank. 

Technical Details

VF (Very high flexion) technology for high load capacity on roads (40% more load capacity or 40% less air pressure than standard tires)

Den rektangulära vulsten håller däcket tätt på fälgen vilket leder till bättre kraftöverföring och därmed till högt vridmoment från fälg till däck

  • Hållbarhet och slitstyrka tack vare D.fine lug teknologin med en smidig länk mellan block och bas
  • Låga vibrationer och hög komfort tack vare N.flex nylonstommen
  • Flexibilitet genom låg krympning av nylonmaterial


Factsheet - VF CombineMaster

Factsheet - VF CombineMaster

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Agriculture Brochure English

Agriculture Brochure English

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Technical Databook - Agriculture English

Technical Databook - Agriculture English

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Testimonials - VF CombineMaster

Not only the temperatures are extreme in Australia, but also the agricultural and soil conditions, especially in the Reverina region. Simon Codemo faces challenges in his daily work in his business "Codemo Machinery Services". He is therefore very pleased with the return of Continental and the wide range of agricultural tires in this segment: "The relaunch of Continental Tires to Australia is a great experience for us."

Simon Codemo – Owner – Codemo Machinery Services, Australia Simon Codemo – Owner – Codemo Machinery Services, Australia

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