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Bald is unstoppable on the field, and on the road

We're recruiting - Do you have what it takes?

Let the (bald) headhunt begin

This finals season, we're on the hunt for the next addition to our line up, the next unstoppable Continental Tyres Bald Star. 

We'll be searching for a footy fan that fits our brief;

Bald, brave and any good at footy? 

If you or a mate has what it takes, then keep your eyes peeled on your favourite Continental Tyres Bald Stars socials. Nominate yourself or a mate, for why you or they should be our top pick. 

There will be six winners who will each receive a free set of Continental tyres. 

So, do you have what it takes? 

See the original campaing below. 

Terms and Conditions for the recruitment drive campaign that is currnetly running, are available to view and download below. 

Terms & Conditions - Continental Tyres Bald Stars Recruitment Campaign

Terms & Conditions - Continental Tyres Bald Stars Recruitment Campaign

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Did you know that 1-in-3 Australians are driving on bald tyres?

1-in-3 Australians are driving on bald and unsafe tyres. To help raise awareness of this issue, Continental Tyres brought together the biggest and the baldest names in footy to remind everyone to check their tyres. This smooth and slick team is known by one name – the Continental Tyres Bald Stars.

The Bald Stars team is made up of AFL legends past and present, including Barry Hall, Nathan Jones, Bachar Houli, Steele Sidebottom, Zak Jones and Paddy Ryder.

While bald heads are synonymous with some of the most unstoppable AFL players of all time, a bald tyre is just as unstoppable, and should never be barracked for.

The Continental Tyres Bald Stars

Introducing..... The Continental Tyres Bald Stars!

How can you support road safety?

To help support this initiative, Continental Tyres will be selling sixteen signed Bald Stars jerseys.

All proceeds will be donated to Youthsafe, a not-for-profit organisation that provides industry training and community support in the field of youth safety and wellbeing – with a significant focus on educating young people on road safety.

Continental Tyres will match all funds raised, doubling the donation to support Youthsafe.

There are ten (10) jerseys signed by each member of the Bald Stars team. There are also additional one off jerseys that have been signed by the individual players. 

Each jersey comes as a commemorative piece featuring the Bald Stars player poster and jersey, beautifully framed.

Meet the Team

Come and meet our Continental Tyres Bald Stars! A behind the scenes look...

“Statistics tell us that 1-in-3 Aussies are driving on unsafe tyres, which is alarming. We want people to get to the football safely, particularly if you have kids in the car. We encourage all Australians to get their tyres checked regularly to ensure safety on our roads.”

Barry Hall

“1-in-3 Australians are driving on bald tyres, so it's important to check your tyres to keep you and those around you safe.”

Barchar Houli

“I’ve been lucky enough to be selected as part of the Bald Stars team. I think it’s important to raise awareness around bald tyres amongst the population, particularly when 1-in-3 people are driving on bald tyres.”

Nathan Jones

“I think it’s important to spread the tyre safety message because a lot of people drive to the footy, and tyres are the only four things that connect us to the road.”

Steele Sidebottom

“I didn’t know that 1-in-3 people drive cars with bald tyres. It's such an easy fix and important to look after yourself on the road – it’s pretty awesome to be a Continental Tyres Bald Star.”

Paddy Ryder

“I think being bald makes me a better player because it makes me really quick, but it’s also very bad on the road with less traction and stopping power.”

Zak Jones

Tyre facts to keep you safe

Did you know....

  • That the minimum legal tread depth in Australia is 1.66mm, and can simply be measured by the bill of a platypus on a 20 cent coin?
  • That Continental Tyres created the world's first automotive rubber tyres?
  • That in testing, every new concept Continental tyre is driven almost 500 times around the world?
  • That bald tyres reduce your car's stopping power – particularly in wet and unsafe conditions?
  • That Continental employs over 1000 engineers and scientists across Europe and the US – ensuring you and your family stay safe on the road?
Tyres in a stack

Bald Stars Image Gallery

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Barry Hall

Barry Hall

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Steele Sidebottom

Steele Sidebottom

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

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Bachar Houli

Bachar Houli

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Paddy Ryder

Paddy Ryder

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Zak Jones

Zak Jones

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Did you know that Continental is a Major Partner of the AFL?

We're proud to be in partnership with the largest sports sponsorship property in Australia for our second year.