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From F1 World Champion to champion for sustainability

Mobility, sustainability, safety and performance - our brand ambassador, Nico Rosberg, shares many of our passions 

Nico Rosberg

In 2016, at the height of his Formula 1 career, Nico Rosberg retired from active racing. However, the end of that professional chapter marked the beginning of a new one. Over the past five years, Nico has pursued with passion a career in sustainability entrepreneurship.

Nico has founded, supported and invested in countless environmental initiatives. His partnership with us is the tip of the Rosberg eco-iceberg.

Nico Rosberg facts

Nico Rosberg and us - A sustainable partnership for greener mobility

The partnership between ourselves and Nico Rosberg was a no-brainer. Here Nico talks about our collaboration, our shared values and the journey toward sustainability. 

Motorsports - The first of many careers

Nico Erik Rosberg was one of the most successful racing drivers and best young talents in international motorsport. Today, as an established investor, he is committed to increasing sustainability and greener mobility on a global level.

The Formula 1 driver with German-Finnish roots was born in Wiesbaden on June 27, 1985 but grew up in Monaco. As the son of Finnish Formula 1 World Champion Keke Rosberg, Nico has had a passion for motorsport since childhood. In his eleven-year career at the pinnacle of the racing world, he took 23 Grand Prix victories and 30 pole positions. In 2016, Nico Rosberg won the World Championship with the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. Five days after the title win, he announced his retirement as an active driver.

Nico Rosberg cleans a beach in Saudi Arabia

The future of mobility - and motorsport - is definitely green

Nico and ourselves are exploring cleaner technologies and materials not only for regular cars, but for motorsport vehicles too. Watch Nico explain why he thinks motorsport is an important platform for e-mobility. 

Nico Rosberg, sustainability entrepreneur

Since leaving Formula 1, Nico Rosberg has embarked on a career as a sustainability entrepreneur and investor in green technologies. He is an investor and shareholder of the all-electric racing series Formula E, and, in 2019, co-founded the Greentech Festival, a global platform for pioneering green innovations. Rosberg is also the founder and CEO of Rosberg X Racing. By competing in Extreme E, his racing team highlights the impact of climate change and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles in the quest for a lower carbon future for the planet.

Nico is convinced that "The environment will be the biggest issue for this generation. I really hope to inspire them through my journey." This journey includes green start-ups such as Tier Mobility (electric mobility), Lilium Aviation (electric air taxis), Chargepoint (expanding the network of e-charging stations), and Planetly (identifying potential CO₂ footprint savings for businesses). Needless to say, Nico Rosberg is very committed to the development and use of zero-emission technology and promotes the necessary green turnaround in the mobility industry.


Nico Rosberg at Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

Happy birthday, Continental!

We are celebrating a big, BIG birthday this year. We are turning 150 years old… we don’t look it, do we? Nico doesn’t think so!

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