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Activities and Initatives

In All Four Phases of Our Value Chain, We Are Committed to Sustainability in a Variety of Ways

Material Sourcing: 100 Percent Sustainable Materials by 2050 at The Latest

Our ambition is to use 100 percent sustainably sourced materials in our tire products by 2050 at the latest and to achieve carbon neutrality along our entire value chain.

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Operations: Carbon Neutral by 2040

In order to produce our tires in an even more environmentally friendly way, we are investing in energy-, resource-efficient and at the same time low-emission production processes. By 2040, we will ensure that our operations are completely carbon neutral.

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Use Phase: We Continuously Improve Our Products

Our tires are high-performance, energy-efficient as well as durable and meet the highest safety standards. In doing so, we focus on continuously improving service life, wear rate and rolling resistance - factors that are crucial to the special quality of our tires.

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End of Life: 100 Percent Renewable and/or Recycled Tires by 2050 at The Latest

We believe that circular economy is the model of the future. That's why we develop innovative methods that enable material to be recovered, recycled and re-used.

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