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Technical Manager Philippe Barbier from the company Express Marée, France.

ContiConnect™ at Express Marée

"The most obvious value of ContiConnect™ is that we have lower operating costs and much less downtime."

1,8 l

Less fuel consumption per 100 km


Less fuel costs

~ 22t

Less CO2 emission

ContiConnect™ at Zerhusen Kattonagen

"Our profession as transporter specializing in the cold chain involves significant delivery constrains. Once out of the water, we have 24 hours at most to deliver the packaged fish to the various platforms."

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Continental always strives to offer the best tire solutions - and not just for cars. We also apply our comprehesive understanding of tires and tire development to a variety of other types of vehicle, from trucks, buses, earthmoving, port and industrial vehicles, to tractors, bicycles and motorcycles.

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