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What makes the difference?

Makes it possible to use a homogenous grip grading with a single compound thanks to temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process.

  • Shoulder area, flexible = Grip
  • Central tread area, wear resistant = Mileage
  • Continuous transition
Homogenous compound

TractionSkin, a revolutionary new microrough tread surface, virtually puts an end to tire break-in. This is possible due to a new mold coating technology which eliminates the need for tire-release agents. 

Microrough tread surface

Optimized compound for superior wet grip, which is made possible by a specially activated silica compound. This ensures optimum grip right down to the microscopic level of the road surface.

Optimized compound for superior wet grip

The GripLimitFeedback technology increases safety at high lean angles since the rider receives early feedback from the tire when it reaches it’s limit and can thus maintain control of the respective riding situation.

How does it work?

Our special carcass construction and unique tread compound work together to provide excellent feedback and “feel” as the tire approaches it’s traction limit. The result is a better feeling of the different grip levels of the road, which significantly increases the level of safety and confidence at high lean angles.

Increases safety at high lean angles

The EasyHandling Technology gives the tire predictable handling even when there are low stabilizing gyroscopic forces (e.g. in hairpin bends or when turning). At the same time, it sets new standards in targeting accuracy and gives the rider a feel for the unique features of the road’s surface in all riding situations.

How does it work?

A special alignment between the front and rear tire contour results in very neutral riding behavior, especially in hairpin bends and during slow cornering. This allows for easy and intuitive riding where the otherwise missing gyroscopic forces would present unexpected challenges for the untrained rider.

Predictable handling

0° steel-belt construction guarantees excellent stability at high speeds.

0° steel-belt construction

The MileagePlus technology features a compound that significantly extends mileage while maintaining exceptional handling.

A compound that significantly extends mileage

The interaction of MultiGrip Technology, carcass construction and tread pattern design ensures the highest and most consistent performance of the tire even after many kilometers / miles.

How does it work?

The combination of our very flexible carcass with the most even wear (possible due to our sophisticated rubber compound) and the special tread design allows an extraordinarily neutral ride until the end of a tire's life, preventing the tire developing a "life of its own" in terms of handling. Riding fun and safety are maintained.

Consistent performance of the tire