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Tire Types

Are there different qualities of one tire type?

Our product selection ranges from our price-performance winners for daily use, made in our Indian plant through to our performance products from our new facility in Hefei, China to the absolute premium tires produced in Korbach, Germany - with top technologies such as BlackChili and the Protection versions.





- Our Premium tires - made for the highest performance

- The latest technologies developed with the world's most successful athletes

- Handmade by experienced specialists in Korbach, Germany

- The best materials for the highest quality and exceptional properties



- Performance tires for ambitious racers

- Sound materials and precise workmanship guarantee outstanding quality



- Excellent quality for sports level use

When are tubeless tires & are they beneficial?

Tubeless tires offer mountain bikes greater protection against impact punctures, so-called snake bites. Also, the movement of the tire on the wheel rim has no impact. In contrast to mountain bikes, UST tires have less advantages for racing bikes. In particular assembly of the tires is more complex and an electrical compressor is usually required. The higher pressure in the tires means that they are usually less air-tight.

What are beaded tires?

 Beaded tires are the predecessors of today's wire tires that were mounted to special wheel rims. When mounting the tires, the tire beads were hooked behind the beads of the wheel rims.

Do I need special winter tires for my bicycle?

For everyday bicycles that are used all year round, we recommend special winter tires when the weather gets cold. Continental winter tires for bicycles are directly based on their equivalent for cars.  The tread mix that is specially designed for cold temperatures (between -25°C and +7°C) ensures that you get where you want to go long after other cyclists have no grip. Another set of tires is recommended for warmer seasons because the wear on the winter tires is too high.



When is the use of spikes recommended?

Spikes in the tread studs provide grip on ice and deep snow. The open tread has good self-cleaning properties and ensures safe riding in mud and snow.