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Nicholi Rogatkin at Crankworx Rotorua


A rubber profile between the carcass layers ensures stability

From the car to the bike
RaceSport technology

Successfully used in car tires for years, its transition for use in our bicycle tires was only a matter of time. Apex stabilises the tire in turns and is a technology that also makes sense for high-volume bicycle tires.

  • a natural rubber profile, set between the carcass layers at the base of the tire
  • stiffens the sidewalls, there by minimising the twisting of the tire by the high transverse loads
  • stiffer sidewalls that in turn, reduce the risk of punctures and impede the tire from slipping off the rim
  • destined for Downhill, Gravity Enduro and Freeride. Low pressure, enhanced grip is made possible without becoming too slack in corners. The risk of punctures decreases significantly.
  • BlackChili Compound
  • Special DH-bead profile
  • High tensile steel-core
  • 6/360 threads per inch (TPI)
  • Flag Sidewall design
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