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Road race star, with BlackChili


  • efficient competition tire which plays to its strengths at criterium and triathlon events

  • neutral slick profile for direct road feel and super-fast acceleration

  • good puncture protection thanks to SafetySystem anti puncture breaker belt

  • excellent grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili Compound

All Tubular tires come with a changeable S-42 valve.

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Technical details

It’s all about how you mix it

With our unique tread compound, which is produced only in Germany, we have revolutionised the sport of cycling. With the legendary BlackChili Compound we have answered the eternal question of the best balance of grip and rolling resistance for cycling.

Regular test wins confirm the measureable and noticeable advantages for the cyclist, established in the laboratory and on the road. The latest polymers as well as specially developed carbon black particles and filler materials guarantee unique performance

Further details

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Puncture protection with a system

The SafetySystem Breaker is made up of Kevlarreinforced, high-strength nylon fabric. Puncture and cut-resistant but nevertheless light and flexible, the tire adjusts quickly to the surface below. Without raising the weight or rolling resistance noticeably, it protects the carcass against foreign objects and contributes to a longer lifespan of the tire. Tires with the SafetySystem Breaker also provide good comfort properties.

Product Range

Article ETRTO Dimension Technology Color/Sidewall/Bead TPI BlackChili g PSI
28x25 28 x 25mm SafetySystem Breaker black/black Skin 3/180
295 115-170
28x22 28 x 22mm SafetySystem Breaker black/black Skin 3/180
275 115-170
Article ETRTO Dimension Technology Color/Sidewall/Bead TPI BlackChili g PSI
26x22 26 x 22mm SafetySystem Breaker black/black Skin 3/180
260 145-170

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