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The PremiumContact™ 6
The PremiumContact™ 6

Make your way the safe way.

Sport Contact 6
SportContact™ 6

Thrilling safety.

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Tour de France

The Tour is your passion, your safety is ours. #SafeTour

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Originally equipped with Continental tires:

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E

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Extreme E

About Extreme E - The electric car racing series 

The PremiumContact™ 6
Sport Contact 6
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Explore Continental Tires

Tires are the essential point of contact between your car and the road. We work to ensure that your tires will always offer excellent braking, maximum safety, and pure driving pleasure. That’s why Continental is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger and light truck tires in Europe.

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Brush up on your Tire Knowledge

Do you have a specific question about the tires on your car? Or perhaps you're looking to brush up on your general tire knowledge? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Tire knowledge

New tire purchase guide

When it's time to buy a set of new tires for your car, these are the things to consider.

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Tire size

There are three things to know when buying new tires for your car: The size, speed rating, and load index.

Selecting the right tire size for your car.

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Tread depth

Measuring Tire Tread Depth

Why you should check tread depth regularly.

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SUV-World-overview_Stage picture

Each car has it's own qualities and it's own requirements regarding tires. Learn more about the characteristics of the various vehicle types.

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Electric vehicle tires – Everything you need to know

One more difference between petrol propulsion and e-powered cars: tires for electric vehicles

Everything you need to know about the high-tech, sustainable tires that keep electric cars rolling into an emission-free future.

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Aquaplaning is one of the most dangerous situations in road traffic, but the driver can prepare for it with suitable tires.

Tips for preventing aquaplaning in your car.

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Explore Continental Stories

We boost confidence beyond the wheel: Get involved and explore gripping stories on Running, Cycling, Extreme E, Future Mobility, Technology and Innovation and Classic.  


Camping gadgets for connected mobile homes

With digital nomads + influencers increasingly embracing #vanlife, camping gets a 21st-century upgrade. Check out the technology behind the sliding doors.

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All about smart shoes and wearable tech

Future shoes are already here. Wearable technology can track data for runners, online gaming and even for physically impaired users. 

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Intelligent tires tell drivers when they need maintenance

Tire sensors make the entire vehicle safer and more efficient

New monitoring technology not only allows tires to feel but also to communicate, making the entire vehicle safer and more efficient.

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Virtual Road Trips

Going on a virtual road trip through your computer

Can’t drive due to the Coronavirus pandemic? Here’s how to take a virtual road trip, from the comfort of your own home.

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Innovative bike parking solutions

The best bike parking technology in the world, ranging from urban superstructures to commercial bike racks and high-tech automated parking.

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Car Connectivity

Cars are increasingly connecting to their surroundings, smartphones and other vehicles.

Cars of the future will be software-driven, smartphone-connected, satellite-networked, cloud-compatible machines.

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Achieving bike safety with technology

Two cyclists in a bike lane waiting for lights to turn green beside a stationary car

Bikes don’t have airbags or impact protection zones. But there are technological solutions that can help keep cyclists safe.

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The city of the future

Future city, made up of modern cities from all over the world

Take a guided tour of the future city, built from innovations that are already being implemented successfully in smart cities around the world.

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Original Equipment Heroes: Iconic cars with Continental tires

With its Original Equipment tires, Continental has become a part of car history. A graphic art series pays tribute to a rich history of iconic cars.

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Our quality promise to you, built on a foundation of unparalleled automotive expertise and rigorous testing for safety and performance.

Tests and test results

Continental tires regularly score top ratings in independent tests all over the world; confirmed quality for a safe driving experience in all conditions.

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Original Equipment

With Continental original equipment you are part of the world's largest safety community.

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German engineering

German engineers are famous for diligence, precision and efficiency, the same values that stand behind Continental's past and present innovations.

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You place the highest demands on our tires, and that’s why Continental embraces every challenge – to pursue new milestones in performance and safety. And now that we’re a Founding Partner of Extreme E, a fresh adventure is about to begin. Join us in a race series that ventures into uncharted territory: tracks in the most inhospitable corners of the world, sustainable off-road vehicles with a powerful electric drive, and a racing series where victory is only possible through perfect coordination between vehicle and driver. 

About Extreme E

About Extreme E – The electric car racing series

Continental is a Founding Partner of Extreme E, a new race series setting new milestones in eMobility performance and safety.

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The Extreme E car: Odyssey 21

The Extreme E car driving in the desert at Dakar Rally.

Extreme E´s all electric SUV, called Odyssey 21, is equipped for races under the harshest conditions. Discover the impressive car.

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Extreme tires: The CrossContact

Extreme E is the most challenging racing series in the world: A new kind of race which demands a new kind of tire.

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Driving on Extreme Terrain

Russell Glacier, Greenland, the Arctic

One of the most spectacular challenges of the Extreme E race series will be the Arctic stage, where rocks, sand and gravel stand between drivers and their win.

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Quickly X-plained: ContiConnect™


Ever wondered how the Extreme E drivers can digitally monitor their tires in real time during the races? Listen to this racing pro X-plain to find out how this tire technology - ContiConnect™ - works.

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Mikaela calls… James Taylor, Chief Championship Officer Extreme E

Mikaela calls 13

Meet James Taylor, the chief championship officer at Extreme E. He'll make sure that all logistics run smoothly during the races.

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