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Continental tire mounted on a car.

Tomorrow is what we make of it

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In the 150 years since Continental was founded, safety and comfort have always been at the origins of our innovations. Back in the day, as we set the first milestone of many, we discovered – among other things – our passion for tires. Along with all the technological developments that Continental is driving forward today – such as sensor systems, new and sustainable materials, and applications involving artificial intelligence – there is one innovation that was already familiar to your great-great grandparents: the tire itself. It's the oldest safety assistance system in Continental's archives and probably in automotive history, too.

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Over time, we have seen many innovations that come and go, but tires are here to stay. You can improve and enhance them, as we do, making sure today’s tires are every bit as groundbreaking as their ancestors 150 years ago. But you can’t do without them. Just imagine what mobility was like before tires arrived on the scene… Not so much fun, to say the least.

Continental tire mounted on a car.

The tire of today is smart & connected

In 2021 we celebrate 150 years of innovation at Continental. But no matter what innovations automotive technology may bring, it’s the tires that will transfer them to the road. Indeed, the tires on the car you drive today are probably already smarter than you think. Continuing our long tradition of innovation and testing, we’re getting closer to the vision of the fully intelligent tire.

While you already rely on your tires to provide your car with grip, traction and stability in all weathers, smart tires with intelligent sensors continuously check parameters such as your tire pressure, so you don't have to worry about your tires for a second. In the event of a puncture or other problems, these tires will alert you immediately − preventing further damage to your tires and minimizing the risk of an accident. Which makes them an important source of confidence and that crucial sense of safety behind the wheel.

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A Glimpse of the future

What’s more, in the near future, smart tires won't just let you know if they’re getting low on air, they will even top themselves up. They will also alert you to other potential issues, such as high tread wear or changes in outdoor temperature that can make driving riskier.

Ultimately, the tires of the future will be smart, electrified, reliable and connected, making predictive maintenance easier than ever and paving the way for the autonomous driving and comprehensive connectivity of tomorrow’s mobility.

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