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New PremiumContact 6 to be launched in early 2017

  • New summer tire to be manufactured in 70 sizes for 16 to 21-inch rims
  • Continental anticipates strong demand from replacement and original equipment sectors
  • Tire meets highest expectations in terms of safety, comfort and steering response

The new PremiumContact 6 will be available from tire dealers from early next year in a wide range of sizes. The new tire will gradually replace its successful predecessors, the ContiPremiumContact 5 and ContiSportContact 5, both of which were high-selling models in the original equipment and replacement markets. For automakers alone, Continental supplied in the region of 400 different OE specifications.

Today, well before the official product launch, some 70 prototype tires are already undergoing approvals testing with car manufacturers around the world. “With the new PremiumContact 6 we were out to bridge the gap between a sedan tire with high ride comfort and a tire for sporty cars,” explains Catarina Silva, Product Manager for the EMEA Region at Continental. “So we’ve combined the breadth of experience distilled from 145 years of tire development with the comprehensive knowledge of driver assistance systems of our Automotive Group to meet the high expectations of our customers.”


In the new PremiumContact 6, the German tire manufacturer has set out to fulfill the ever-increasing requirements in terms of ride quality, precise steering response, maximum safety and environmental properties in a single product. To this end, the tire development engineers have come up with new compounds, an innovative tread pattern that borrows from Continental’s high-tech SportContact 6 tire, and a supple tire geometry that offers high ride quality. The outcome is a product that delivers improvements of up to 15 percent in handling performance, rolling resistance, mileage and ride quality compared to its predecessor.

“Around 70 sizes of the new PremiumContact 6 will be available in time for the start of the 2017 summer tire season,” says Silva. “With rim diameters from 16 to 21 inches we can cover much of the demand from car drivers, while in terms of width, we’re starting with a 195 mm tire, and going all the way to 275 mm. Aspect ratios will be from 65 to 40 percent, again covering much of the market, while speed approvals go as high as 300 km/h.”

With the new PremiumContact 6, Continental is targeting a market segment which Silva defines as “passenger and light truck tires with a strong focus on safety, optimized handling and high ride quality – for mid-range models and above.” These tire properties are increasingly expected by both automakers and drivers to help meet all of the technical and societal requirements of individual mobility in the new millennium. In sum, says Silva: “Along with our engagement as a partner to the Global NCAP’s Stop the Crash campaign, with the new PremiumContact 6 we are demonstrating our commitment to attaining the ideal balance between safety, comfort and sustainability at the highest level.”

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