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Continental is a Founding Partner of Extreme E, a new race series setting new milestones in eMobility performance and safety.

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Wherever you are in the world, find out how you can watch Extreme E. We will continue to update this list of channels and broadcasters.


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Driving Electric Vehicles to new heights of endurance

You place the highest demands on our tires, and that’s why Continental embraces every challenge – to pursue new milestones in performance and safety. And now that we’re a Founding Partner of Extreme E, a fresh adventure is about to begin. Join us in a race series that ventures into uncharted territory: tracks in the most inhospitable corners of the world, sustainable off-road vehicles with a powerful electric drive, and a racing series where victory is only possible through perfect coordination between vehicle and driver. 

Extreme races in the remotest corners of the world

Extreme E – The Race

Max. 9 teams split into two groups with one male and one female driver will race in 5 locations.

Think an electric car is only for commuting in the city? Think again. The new Extreme E race series will take you to the wildest and most untamed regions of the planet. With teams of professional drivers competing in extreme conditions for the ultimate prize, motorsports have never been so electrifying.

With the momentum of the Formula E series, where global audiences have grown to 330 million in just four seasons, the time is right for a whole new kind of racing event. Extreme E brings high-performance sports utility vehicles to the harshest road conditions imaginable, where only the most fearless drivers supported by precisely engineered technology can succeed.

As Extreme E kicks off, 9 teams with one male and one female driver will race in 5 locations. And as a founding partner of the series, Continental will provide custom-built tires to ensure perfect road grip, whether across the desert in Saudi Arabia, in the Arctic, or in the beautiful coast of Sardinia. 

Discover Beyond the Extreme

Extreme E promises to be the most extreme form of motorsports, and Swedish racing star Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky is Continental's official test driver of tires developed for the event. Watch the action unfold in our Beyond the Extreme video series.

Location, location, location to the extreme

Extreme E – St. Helena

Absolutely integral to the Extreme E experience is the RMS St Helena, a former Royal Mail ship which transports our intrepid competitors to five different race locations around the world.

Absolutely integral to the Extreme E experience is the RMS St Helena, a former Royal Mail ship which transports our intrepid competitors to five different race locations around the world.

The ship has been transformed and upgraded with a multimillion euro retrofit, and doubles as an operating base and floating paddock for the global expedition; it has a state-of-the-art garage plus a central hub for operations, logistics, communications, and accommodation.

So where will the Extreme E adventure lead us, and what challenging conditions will the drivers face?

Extreme E – Location desert

Extreme E will host a race on the dry subtropical frontier of the Sahara.

3 – 4 April 2021: Saudi Arabia, Al-Ula.
First, Extreme E will host a race on the dry subtropical frontier of the Sahara. In this desert region, where more water evaporates from the ground than is replaced by precipitation, the main characteristics are harsh conditions, scarce water and barren landscapes. Four-wheel drive is critical in this environment; while regular cars can drive over hard-packed sand, scaling the shifting terrain of dunes requires more traction and power for all four wheels.

Extreme E is hosting a coastal leg in Senegal.

29 – 30 May 2021: Senegal, Lac Rose.
Extreme E is hosting a race in Senegal, close to Lac Rose. A breathtaking view of the majestic ocean will never be too far away from a driver’s field of view, but first and foremost they’ll have to concentrate on racing over a terrain that combines sand and seawater. Again, the importance of four-wheel drive will come into play for the electric SUVs, racing over a unique surface of sand that’s packed hard and yet nowhere near as arid as in the Saharan desert.

Extreme E – Location arctic

Extreme E is hosting one of its most spectacular races in the arctic.

28 - 29 August 2021: Greenland, Kangerlussuaq, Russell Glacier.
The Arctic sits at the top of the world, a deep ocean covered by drifting pack ice, surrounded by frozen continents and archipelagos. The glaciers continue to retreat dramatically showing the visible effects climate change is having on our planet. In this setting, Extreme E is hosting one of its most spectacular races. The electric vehicles must maintain grip and traction on rocky surfaces while travelling at top speeds.

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The island of Sardinia hosts the first European Extreme E race. 

23 - 24 October. Italy, Sardinia.

For its first race in Europe proper, Extreme E is headed to Sardinia. The Italian island’s 2,000 kilometers of coastline offer a visually spectacular and varied terrain surrounded by the Mediterranean. The Island X Prix will take place on sand, but it won’t be a walk on the beach. The drivers will have to contain with gravel, maybe even rocks and changes in elevation. Four-wheel drive will be essential to help the cars deal with slippage on the shifting surface.  

The geologically spectacular Jurassic Coast will host the last Extreme E race of 2021.

18-19 December. Dorset, United Kingdom

The final race that will close the Extreme E series epic adventure in 2021 takes place in the geologically spectacular county of Dorset, England. Almost every type of rock known from the early Jurassic epoch can be found in this location, hence the name of the coastline, the Jurassic Coast. An enormous 66% of the county is comprised of either chalk, clay or mixed sand or gravel, which tells you exactly what the drivers and Odyssey 21 will have to contend with beneath the tread of their tires. On the white chalky earth is where the champions of Extreme E will be crowned, and we look forward to see as to who will take the throne.


The toughest tire ever made

Extreme E – Continental tires

An extreme race requires extreme tires: Continental tires!

An extreme race requires extreme tires

Extreme E is the most extreme racing series the world has ever seen. A new race, held under such unique and challenging conditions, requires a new kind of tire. As an Extreme E Founding Partner, we’re doing our bit to ensure all contestants have the best possible equipment to deal with whatever trials they face. Continental carefully examined the requirements of the race series and built an ultra-high-performance tire which specifically addresses the needs of the competing teams. The performance optimised tires are not just built for extreme conditions, but also for the unique requirements of the competing pure electric SUVs.

Scorching heat or blistering cold; muddy, sandy or icy – no matter how extreme the conditions, the contestants and their vehicles need a reliable tire that provides grip, traction and excellent performance at every stage of the race. The Continental CrossContact LX, the basis of the new tire developed for Extreme E, is a well-balanced all-season touring tire with a specially designed tread to enhance traction and stability on practically any surface. We further refined its strengths to create a brand new tire especially for the needs of Extreme E. The CrossContact will help contestants safely reach the finish line of the world’s most extreme racing series.

Rally driving has never been so electric

Extreme E – Race specifications

All Extreme E participants use the same set of standardised equipment: the tires, the battery and the SUV-model. 

Extremely electric – electric SUVs for extreme races

All Extreme E participants use the same set of standardised equipment. That’s where motorsport manufacturer Spark Racing Technology comes into the picture; they will create, assemble and deliver a brand-new electric SUV model for the brave pioneers of the off-road racing series.

Another critical component of the Extreme E cars will be the battery. The same company which assembled the batteries and cells for the first four seasons of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, Williams Advanced Engineering, is responsible for this essential item.

How to build an all-electric SUV for extreme racing

Extreme E´s all electric SUV, called Odyssey 21, is equipped for races under the harshest conditions. Discover the impressive car.

How to win the Extreme E championship

Extreme E is a global racing championship that sees all-electric SUVs battle head-to-head in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

There are two days of racing per event. The qualifying sessions will take place on the first day before the final rounds will be held on the second day. Each team races twice on day 1 in grids up to four cars. At the end of day 1, the top four progress to semi-final 1 and the bottom four go into semi-final 2, the so called “crazy race”. The top three from semi-final 1 progress to the final, but only one from the all-or-nothing “crazy race”. The winner of the final wins the X prix.

The off-road stages will be around 8 km in length, and there will be two laps per race. After the first lap the drivers have to switch so that one lap is driven by the female and one lap driven by the male driver. 

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Did you know that Continental is a Founding Partner of Extreme E?

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