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Island Xprix, Sardinia, Italy, July 8-9, 2023

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Wherever you are in the world, find out how you can watch Extreme E. We will continue to update this list of channels and broadcasters.


Driving Electric Vehicles to new heights of endurance

You place the highest demands on our tires, which is why Continental is up for any challenge – to push the envelope in terms of performance and safety. Our next journey, as a Founding Partner of Extreme E is just around the corner. Following the huge success of the first two seasons, our unique off-road competition is about to get even better with more races and action than ever! Join us for the third edition of a race series that ventures into uncharted territory: tracks in the most inhospitable corners of the world, sustainable off-road vehicles with a powerful electric drive, and a racing series where victory is only possible through perfect coordination between vehicle and driver.

Extreme races in the remotest corners of the world

Extreme E – The Race

Max. 10 teams split into two groups with one male and one female driver will race in 5 locations.

Think an electric car is only good for city commuting? Think again. The latest season of Extreme E will once again transport you to the planet’s most remote and untamed regions. Motorsport has never been more exhilarating than when teams of professional drivers compete in extreme conditions for the ultimate prize.

With the momentum of the Formula E series, where global audiences grew 20% year-on-year to 381m in 2022, there is no better time for this kind of racing event. Extreme E brings high-performance sports utility vehicles to the harshest road conditions imaginable, where only the most fearless drivers, aided by precisely engineered technology, can succeed.

Extreme E sees 10 teams, made up of one male and one female driver, compete in 10 races in 5 locations across the globe. As a founding partner of the series, Continental will once again provide custom-built tires to ensure perfect road grip, whether in South America, across the desert in Saudi Arabia, or on the beautiful coast of Sardinia.

Discover Beyond the Extreme

Extreme E promises to be the most extreme form of motorsports, and Swedish racing star Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky is Continental's official test driver of tires developed for the event. Watch the action unfold in our Beyond the Extreme video series.

Location, location, location to the extreme

Extreme E – St. Helena

Absolutely integral to the Extreme E experience is the RMS St Helena, a former Royal Mail ship which transports our intrepid competitors to five different race locations around the world.

Absolutely integral to the Extreme E experience is the RMS St Helena, a former Royal Mail ship which transports our intrepid competitors to five different race locations around the world.

The ship has been transformed and upgraded with a multimillion euro retrofit, and doubles as an operating base and floating paddock for the global expedition; it has a state-of-the-art garage plus a central hub for operations, logistics, communications, and accommodation.

So where will the Extreme E adventure lead us, and what challenging conditions will the drivers face?

Extreme E – Location desert

Extreme E will host a race on the dry subtropical frontier of the Sahara.

11 – 12 March 2023: NEOM, Saudi Arabia
Season 3 gets underway once again in the sustainable future metropolis of NEOM in Saudi Arabia, where Extreme E competitors will face sweltering heat, arid and sandy terrain. NEOM is a futuristic idea that will one day house big minds and businesses working towards a new model of sustainability. As the location of our previous two season openers, it is the ideal location to kick off the latest edition of the Extreme E series.

Extreme E returns to the United Kingdom for the first time since Season 1

Coast of Scotland

13 -14 May 2023: Scotland

Extreme E returns to the United Kingdom for the first time since its Season 1 decider in Dorset and there are few better places to test our drivers’ mettle than the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Exact location to be confirmed.  

The island of Sardinia hosts the first European Extreme E race. 

8-9 July, Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia's spectacular coastline and diverse Mediterranean terrain make it an ideal location for an Extreme E race. So much so, that the series is returning to the Italian island for the third time in Season 3. But this will be no beach holiday, as competitors will know all too well by now. The drivers will have to contend with gravel, maybe even rocks and changes in elevation. Four-wheel drive will be essential to help the cars deal with slippage on the shifting surface.  

Vineyard near Punta del Este. Uruguay

16-17 September 2023, Brazil or USA

Race information to follow

Atacama desert, Chile

2-3 December 2023: Antofagasta, Chile

The Atacama Desert proved to be one of the toughest races yet when it debuted on the Extreme E circuit in Season 2. As the driest place on earth, with little-to-no rainfall in the last 200 million years, this region in the north of Chile is home to terrains that can be compared to the soil on Mars – posing a truly unearthly challenge to all involved. As environmentally fascinating as it is physically demanding, it's no surprise to see the series returning for Season 3.


The toughest tire ever made

Extreme E is the most extreme racing series the world has ever seen. A new race, held under such unique and challenging conditions, required a new kind of tire. As an Extreme E Founding Partner, we’re doing our bit to ensure all competitors have the best possible equipment to deal with whatever trials they face. Continental carefully examined the requirements of the race series and built an ultra-high-performance tire which specifically addresses the needs of the competing teams. The performance optimized tires are not just built for extreme conditions, but also for the unique requirements of the competing pure electric SUVs.

Scorching heat or blistering cold; muddy, sandy or icy – no matter how extreme the conditions, the drivers and their vehicles need a reliable tire that provides grip, traction and excellent performance at every stage of the race. The Continental CrossContact LX, the basis of the tire developed for Extreme E, is a well-balanced all-season touring tire with a specially designed tread to enhance traction and stability on practically any surface.

For season 2, we’re taking things to another level. The new CrossContact tire is all about sustainability, keeping with the Extreme E tradition of fostering environmental consciousness. The CrossContact is now more sustainable than ever, with one-third of the tire made of reused materials!

Extreme E – Continental tires

An extreme race requires extreme tires: Continental tires!

Rally driving has never been so electric

Extreme E – Race specifications

All Extreme E participants use the same set of standardised equipment: the tires, the battery and the SUV-model. 

Extremely electric – electric SUVs for extreme races

All Extreme E participants use the same set of standardized equipment, including an all-electric SUV model created and assembled by Spark Racing Technology.

Another critical component of the Extreme E cars is the battery, which produced by Williams Advanced Engineering, the same company that assembled the batteries and cells for the first four seasons of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. 

How to build an all-electric SUV for extreme racing

Extreme E´s all electric SUV, called Odyssey 21, is equipped for races under the harshest conditions. Discover the impressive car.

Supercharged format for season 3

Extreme E is a global racing championship that sees all-electric SUVs battle head-to-head in some of the world’s most extreme environments. Returning for Season 3 in March, Extreme E is back with more action than ever with a brand-new format.

Unlike in Seasons 1 and 2, where each location hosted one race event over the course of a weekend, the new format includes two separate race events – one on Saturday and one on Sunday – meaning double the chance for wins, podiums and all-important points.

Each day will host a complete race event, from Qualifying through to the Grand Final. A race event starts on Saturday with two rounds of Qualifying, both consisting of two heats with five cars each. The top five teams progress to the Grand Final for a shot at reaching the podium, while the remaining five teams can still claim valuable Championship points in the Redemption Race.

The best part of all? The format repeats on Sunday, so all teams get another chance at glory!

What's happening right now:

Did you know that Continental is a Founding Partner of Extreme E?

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