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SportContact 7 tire

SportContact™ 7

The new SportContact™ 7 is so much more than just letters and a number. It’s the newest and most exciting member of the SportContact™ family.

Knowing you can always trust your tires gives you confidence. The new SportContact™ 7 was engineered to give you the confident feeling of knowing you can push the limits further and further. Simply enjoy the journey, while feeling both thrilled and secure. Could you wish for anything more from a tire? Discover everything there is to know about the new SportContact™ 7 and what makes it so special.

While you are here, you can also explore 7Laps, our in-depth interview tribute to our new tire, hosted by Nico Rosberg. The 2016 Formula One champion gets behind the wheel to take the experts to the race track and test their tire at top speeds. Learn more about the Continental SportContact™ 7 – and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!