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Nico Rosberg testing the SportContact™ 7

Welcome to 7 Laps

The fastest interview series ever recorded in a car 

Nico Rosberg is back behind the wheel for us. With the Audi e-tron GT, he is testing the new SportContact™ 7. This high-performance tire was designed for confidence at increased speeds. Enjoy feeling the wind in your hair? Well, this will feel like a tornado!

7 Laps. 7 Interviews. Non-stop exhilaration. Come with us on a journey around the track while Nico talks to the engineers, employees and passionate enthusiasts behind this performance tire.  

And speaking of tracks and journeys, ours takes place at the world-famous Bilster Berg race track in Germany. This 4.2 km track boasts 19 turns and a 26% gradient – so you know the SportContact™ 7 is really put to the test. 

Watch the series and discover what makes this tire so special and , why it is the dream tire for your high- performance car. Let’s go, shall we?  


Are you ready?

We have given you a taste of the of 7 Laps, but that was just a warm-up. Below you can sink your teeth into the main events – the seven individual interviews with our passengers extraordinaire.

Stefan Heine. Head of GTT (Global Tire Testing), Grip & Customer Support

"We are testing tires for the unexpected". And that's why the SportContact™ 7 is our most advanced tire yet. Watch more from Stefan's interview.


Keywan Nowzohour. Key Account Manager

Watch as Kewyan struggles to concentrate while talking about the SportContact™ 7 at high speeds with Nico Rosberg. 


Angelo Pérez-Riemer. Section Manager & Test Engineer

Angelo addresses the purpose of the SportContact™ 7, and to find out what this, you'll have to watch his interview.


Philipp Mendelski. Product Manager U-UHP Summer

According to Philipp, there is a lot for the team to be proud of with the SportContact™ 7. Watch the video to find out what else he had to say. 


Peter Bogenschütz. Head of Industrial Design Tires.

The SportContact™ 7 is "the most advanced design" we have done for a tire yet. Don't believe us? Watch Peter's interview and hear it from the man himself.


Sven Gramm. Director Marketing & Advertising Brabus GmbH (Tuning Partner)

Pushing an SUV to speeds of up to 330 km/h? Watch Sven and Nico discuss how it can be done with the SportContact™ 7.


Marcel Neumann. Project Leader SportContact™ 7

"We have never had anything like it in the SportContact family.'' Watch Marcel's interview around the track to see what else he had to say about the SportContact™ 7


Meet the protagonists


The new SportContact™ 7 was engineered to give you the confident feeling of knowing you can push the limits further and further

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