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Tire damages and age

Tire damages and age

Have your tires reached the end of the road?

In the life of every car, there comes a time when tires need repair or replacement, for example if a puncture or another tire damage occurs. Do you know how to check the sidewall for any tire damage? 

In this section, we share everything you need to know about tire age, tire damage, repair, and the ideal time to replace them. As the vehicle owner, you play a critical role in the maintenance of your tires, and that includes checking the sidewall and tread regularly as well as responsible disposal and recycling at the end of their service life.

Drivers should not ignore tire aging, especially when buying a second-hand vehicle. We also address the most common causes and types of damage to the tire. Plus, there’s useful information on how to prevent the sidewall and tread of tire damages, what to do in case of a puncture, flat tire repair services, and the dos and don'ts of tire puncture repair.