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A family car arrived at the beach with ContiSeal™ tires

A tire puncture means being stranded.

Unless it doesn’t


Out of office reply: on. Work phone: off. Suitcase: packed. Car: fueled, checked and ready to go. Once you hit the road, you instantly switch into holiday mode. Nothing can get between you and your well-deserved escape. Unless it can.

All it takes to put an end to your road trip is a single nail, a broken bottle, or a particularly sharp rock. These obstacles may not look like much on the road, but they can quickly damage your tire, deflate your holiday enthusiasm and leave you stranded if you don’t have a spare.

With ContiSeal™, you can set off on your holidays without worrying about a puncture. This innovative tire technology immediately seals punctures, so you can keep on rolling – to the beach, to the pool, or wherever else your road trip takes you.

Tried and tested: See ContiSeal™ in action


Watch ContiSeal™ in action as we put self-sealing tires to the test on the Contidrom test track.

A small puncture can be a huge hassle. Unless it can’t.

Benefits of ContiSeal™: Changing a tire in the case of a punctured tire will take some time if you can do it yourself. You will have to accept a loss of at least 30 minutes. You will need even more time, if you cannot change the tire yourself and need to call a garage for support.

If you think of walking the distance of 200 km, just in theory, then this would take 40 hours.

As you see the best option is to go for our tire technology ContiSeal™ as it gets you to your destination in 2 hours.

A nail can really deflate your holiday. Unless it can’t.

A boy taking an inflatable tire out of a car with ContiSeal™ tires

ContiSeal™ offers a simple solution to a seemingly small challenge that can create big problems. Drove over a nail on the way to the beach? No worries! Rolled across broken glass on the road? Your tire has already sealed the puncture! Encountered a jagged rock on your road trip? ContiSeal™ has you covered!

No more need to immediately change a tire, walk to the next garage or wait for roadside assistance. Simply keep on driving for another 200 km, even with a punctured tire. 

How far is 200km?

How far can you drive with a damaged ContiSeal™ tire? 200km is roughly equivalent to the distance from BMW headquarters in Munich to Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart.


ContiSeal™ tire with puncture vs. deflated standard tire

On miles and miles of open road, something as tiny as a nail, a piece of glass or a sharp stone can cause damage to your tire tread in an instant. Even a puncture smaller than 5 mm in diameter can lead to a rapid loss of air pressure and cause a flat tire. With normal tires, that could seriously disrupt your holiday plans.
With ContiSeal™, 80% of all punctures are fixed instantly. A sticky, viscous sealant layer inside the tire closes up damage up to 5 mm in diameter. With this unique tire technology, you don’t need a spare tire or roadside assistance. Simply continue driving for a further 200 km like nothing happened.


Cross-section of a ContiSeal™ tire punctured by a nail

How does ContiSeal™ tire technology work?
A sticky, viscous sealant layer fixes tread damage up to 5 mm in diameter. It traps the air inside, keeps the tire inflated and your car mobile. It works instantly, even if the puncturing object becomes dislodged.

How do I drive with ContiSeal™ tires?
The technology has no impact on the driving experience or the handling of your car under normal circumstances. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is, however, recommended.

How should I act after a ContiSeal™ tire is damaged?
You can continue on your way with unrestricted driving performance for 200 km after getting a tire puncture. It isn‘t necessary to stop for a tire change, but you should have the tire checked by a specialist as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

How can I find tires with ContiSeal™ technology?
ContiSeal™ tires are marked clearly with a symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly available rims. They are mounted, changed and used like any standard equipment tires.

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You can’t control what happens along the way. Unless you can.