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You don’t have to be an industry expert to know sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are booming. In recent years, the demand for SUVs continually increased. Today more than one third of new cars sold in Europe are SUVs and crossovers. Their steadily growing popularity has not only made them a common sight on roads, but has also expanded our idea of which vehicles belong in the SUV category. In fact, one of the reasons these versatile cars have become so popular is that they offer way more than the characteristics they were originally known for. Many of today’s SUVs are still suited to sporty, rugged outdoor adventures or used for work, transport and towing, but there is an ever increasing number of SUV models that break the mold.

  • Crossover SUVs are more compact, less rugged, and go from urban living to family road trip with ease.
  • Electric and hybrid SUVs offer all the advantages of an SUV, without the carbon footprint of a fuel-powered car.
  • Performance SUVs take the sporty aspect to a whole new dimension with powerful engines, responsive handling and sleek design.

Given the huge variety of vehicle models, SUV tires have to be selected to suit the specific car. There’s no such thing as the perfect SUV tire, but we’re here to help you find the perfect tires for your SUV.

The characteristic features of an SUV at a glance

SUV with highlighted elements showing what makes an SUV special (including highlighted tires)

What makes an SUV special

Here’s what most SUVs have in common:

  • High ground clearance and elevated seating position, granting a better all-round view of surroundings
  • Spacious interior and cargo space
  • Large back hatch, easy to load
  • Comfortable driving on all surfaces thanks to a longer suspension
  • Feeling of safety due to size and bulk
  • Often four-wheel drive for off-road and all-season driving
  • Towing/hauling capabilities
  • Larger, heavier tires with a higher load index

Efficient tires for electric or hybrid SUVs

A person checking the charge on their electric SUV

An electric SUV is the sustainable alternative

By choosing an electric or hybrid SUV, you’re part of an ongoing trend. Today’s smart, efficient mobility places as much value on a reduced carbon footprint as it does on comfort and convenience. Now all you need are the right tires to get the most out of your eco-friendly e-SUV.

What makes tires for e-SUVs unique

Versatile tires for crossover SUVs

A family preparing to take their SUV out of the city for a bike tour

A crossover SUV is the flexible option

An SUV that offers space, flexibility and comfort in a compact, city-friendly format has to perform in many different driving scenarios. Equip your compact SUV with tires that will take you from the city to your next off-road adventure with ease.

The right tires for your versatile SUV

Ultra-High-Performance tires for performance SUVs

A man getting out of a performance SUV on a city street

A performance SUV pairs power and speed

If you want to enjoy all the speed and performance of a sportscar, paired with the power and versatility of an SUV, you’ll also want the best tires to help your luxury SUV perform.

UHP tires for SUVs

SUV FAQ – you asked, we answer…

What Does SUV stand for?
A variety of SUVs lined up with Continental tires

Just as the name suggests, Sports Utility Vehicles offer a whole lot of cargo space for all your sporty and utilitarian needs.

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Do all SUVs have four-wheel drive?
Large SUV going off-road in nature

While most SUVs can go off-road, the same way four-wheel drives can, there may be some limitations.

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Can I take my SUV off-road?

Most SUVs certainly can go off-road. Just make sure you know the conditions and have the right tires.

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Which SUV tires are best suited to my vehicle?
Red SUV on a city road

If you're looking for new SUV tires, there are a number of things to consider to ensure safety and quality.

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What are the legal limits (speed, tread, age) for SUV tires?

Depending on where you are in the world, you should heed several SUV tire limits.

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When should I replace my SUV tires?
A mechanic changing SUV tires

There are several indicators that tell you when you should replace your tires. Even if you've never had a puncture, they could be showing wear.

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How do I find out the correct SUV tire pressure?
Person adding air to their SUV tires

The right tire pressure ensures optimal traction and grip on any terrain and gives you more mileage for your fuel. If you're unsure what the pressure of your SUV tires should be, refer to your vehicle's manual.

Here's how to check