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2 Ride the World

Lisa and Simon are travelling for more than 15 years on Continental TKC 80 tires around the world


Husband and wife Simon and Lisa Thomas left the UK in May 2003 and have been travelling ever since. The journey was slated to last for 18 months, but months turned to years, and now - over a decade later – Simon and Lisa confess they’ve lived more than they thought they would in a lifetime.

They’ve racked up over 400,000 miles, explored 78 countries on six continents, traversed 27 deserts, slurped mint tea with Tuareg nomads, stalked lions with Maasai warriors and talked into the night with Mongolian eagle hunters. The pair have sipped the air at 17,234 feet, frozen on the ancient Silk-Route in Tajikistan and beenboiled alive at 72C in Las Vegas.

After four bouts of Malaria, four cases of dengue fever, 27 punctures in India and a broken neck in the Amazon jungle, they still wouldn’t change a thing. The pair, now married for 20-years, have spent over half their married life exploring the worlds most rugged and remote regions by motorcyle. Thought of by many as the worlds leading adventure motorcyclists, they continue to ride, explore and push the boundaries of the sport. (Source: 2 Ride the World Press Kit)

You can follow Lisa and Simon on their travel routes on 2 Ride The World.

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