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BlackChili Compound

BlackChili Compound

BlackChili Compound - It’s all about the mix!


In the R&D laboratories of Continental Motorcycle Tires in Germany, the developers and engineers are obsessed with working on how to trick the conflicting goals of tire development.

The rubber compound performance in a tire is primarily determined by three interacting factors: dry-grip, wet-grip and mileage. The dilemma: If you improve any of them it can have a detrimental effect on at least one of the others. With our BlackChili Compounds, a tread compound which is always based on the latest knowledge of polymers and raw material research, we are able to overcome these conflicting goals and fine-tune it to match the specific requirements of our premium tires.

For BlackChili, we combine special synthetic rubbers to high-performance tread mixtures. To these mixtures we then add elements, which are optimized for the different application areas. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tires with BlackChili Compounds are produced exclusively in our German Korbach plant.