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ContiRoadAttack 3 CR

ContiRoadAttack 2 CR

Handmade in Germany





Perfect choice for heavy, powerful Classic Sport- and Superbikes


  • Successor of the legendary and well reputed test winner ContiRoadAttack 2 CR
  • Optimized racing compound for maximum grip
  • Special radial classic bike carcass for narrow rims providing extraordinary handling and stability; the Benchmark in the Classic Racing Segment
  • Improved wet performance due to a new tread pattern design and compound, developed for Classic and Vintage racing
  • Customized pattern design for the size 150/65 R 18 for maximum performance under acceleration at corner exit
  • GripLimitFeedback for predictable handling at the limit
ContiRoadAttack 3 CR
ContiRoadAttack 2 CR

Product Range

Tire Size Construction Rim diameter in inches Tire Type LI GSY TL/TT Profile Article-Nr. Remarks
100/90 R 18 M/C 56 V TL 0244564 available Q2/2018
110/80 ZR 18 M/C (58 W) TL 0244565 available Q2/2018
Rear Measure Rear Measure Rim diameter in inches Tire Type LI GSY TL/TT Profile Article-Nr. Remarks
150/65 R 18 M/C 69 H TL 0244558 available Q2/2018
ContiRoadAttack 2 CR

Standard Rims


100/90 R18 M/C 56V TLContiRoadAttack 3 CR2,50x18 ; 2,75x18
110/80 ZR18 M/C (58W) TLContiRoadAttack 3 CR2,50x18 ; 2,75x18 ; 3,00x18

130/80 R18 M/C 66V TLContiRoadAttack 3 CR C3,00x18 ; 3,50x18
150/65 R18 M/C 69H TLContiRoadAttack 3 CR4,00x18 ; 4,25x18 ; 4,50x18

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