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Frequently Asked Questions

About Total Confidence Programme (TCP)

1.      What is TCP?

Total Confidence Plan (TCP) is a comprehensive package of all available warranties and services. Eligible tyres are covered by the Road Hazard Warranty within 12 months from the date of purchase.

2.      TCP offers what kind of protection?

TCP includes road hazard protection of any unrepairable damages such as pothole damage punctured by sharp objects ad damages caused by bad road condition. All intentional damages will not be covered. For more information, please refer to T&C .


3.      TCP warranty period?

Valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase or remaining tread depth exceeding 5mm.

4.      How to download Conti TCP app?

You may scan the QR code shown here (insert the QR code) search for Conti TCP app from IOS, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery.

Continental TCP App QR


5.      I have already downloaded Conti TCP app previously, with this updated TCP criteria, should I update my Conti TCP app version?

Yes, we would recommend consumer to their Conti TCP app to the latest version which contains the most updated features.


6.      Are all Continental, Dunlop & Viking branded outlets participated in the TCP program?
Please check the participating outlet listed in the Conti TCP App or here .


7.      Any minimum tyre purchase to enjoy TCP?

Minimum purchase of 2 pieces Continental branded tyres in single receipt.


8.      Are all Continental tyres applicable to this TCP program?
No. As of 1 August 2023, TCP is applicable for Continental, Dunlop & Viking branded tyres size 14” & above (passenger car, 4X4, SUV, & MPV only). Commercial use & Original Equipment (OE) fitment tyres are excluded from this TCP program.


9.      Can older tyres purchased at Continental retailers enjoy TCP program too?
Yes, in line with our 5 Years Warranty, all tyres aged below 5 years from manufactured date at the time consumer purchased, will enjoy similar 12-months TCP warranty from the date of purchase.


10.   Is TCP eligible for oversea consumers?
TCP is eligible to consumer who owns a local mobile telco line.


11.   Any vehicle restrictions?
TCP is open to all passenger car, SUV, 4x4 & MPV. Commercial use & Original Equipment (OE) fitment tyres are excluded from this TCP program.


12.   How can I feedback or enquire more about TCP?

Consumer may follow the following steps:

Click “My Profile” > “About Conti TCP” > “Feedback” > Describe your feedback or enquiry in the textbox provided. It is ‘optional’ to upload any photos > “Submit.




13.   If I failed to login to Conti TCP app, what should I do?

Fail to login due to:

  • ·        OTP:
    • Please confirm if the registered mobile number is correct.
    • Ensure that the SMS number (XXXX) are not blocked.
      • iPhone: Setting > Message > Blocked Contact
      • Android: Message > 3-dot icon > Spam and Blocked > 3-dot icon > Blocked Contacts
  • ·        Wrong login path (consumer / retailer):
    • Consumer may sign out by clicking “Log Out” from “My Profile” and choose the right channel.


14.   I did not receive any OTP.

Please confirm that your mobile number is correct. If the same error persists, do refer to Q12 for further action.


15.   How can I change my registered mobile number in the app?

Consumer may edit his/her mobile number from “My Profile”.


16.   How to delete the account?

Consumer may raise the 'delete account' request to Continental via TCP app's feedback form.





17.   How do I register my tyre?

Download the Conti TCP app and you may follow the instruction here .


18.   What if I have lost my invoice?

Consumer will have to request for another reprinted copy of the official invoice from the shop they purchased their tyres and register within 7 days from the date of purchase.


19.   What if I have selected the wrong retailer?

Consumer will need to update their retailer by following the steps in Q12.


20.   What should I do if I filled in the wrong information during registration?

Consumer will need to report information change request by following the steps explained in Q12.


21.   DOT barcode is invalid.

DOT on each tyre is only allowed to register once. Therefore, kindly ensure that each tyre barcode was scanned / typed only once.


22.   I don’t remember the barcode information.

Consumer will need to retrieve the DOT barcode from the shop they purchased the tyre from. Should the shop do not have the barcode information, please refer to Q12.


23.   What should consumer do if consumer failed to register at the time of tyre purchase?
TCP registration can be completed within 7 calendar days from date of purchase. Consumers need to ensure that they have obtained the tyre barcodes before the fitment as the barcodes are impossible to be retrieved after installation.


24.   Can a consumer registers multiple cars in single account?
Yes, consumer can click to add more cars for registration (limited to 5 vehicles per user).


25.   Is manual handwritten invoice acceptable as proof of purchase during TCP registration?
TCP replacement accepts official computerised printed invoice only.


26.   Where can I check the registered tyre?

All registered tyres will be displayed under “My Registrations”.




27.   How to claim?

Consumer can ‘file a case’ via TCP app and subsequently return to the Continental retailer he/she purchased to complete tyre replacement procedure.


28.   Type of tyre damage condition eligible for TCP replacement?

If tyre suffers untampered & unrepairable accidental damage (such as sidewall damage, sidewall bulge, structural damage from run-flat), dealer will replace a new replacement of the same pattern and size. If unavailable, dealer will suggest the alternative pattern.


29.   Does consumer need to top up for new replacement tyre?

Provided that the claimed tyre has more than 5mm tread depth when the case being submitted, replacement tyre of the same model will be free of charge. If the same model is not available and consumer agreed with model that of higher value, consumer has to top up the price difference.


30.   Where to claim?

Claim is valid at TCP participating outlet. However, we highly recommend consumer to return to the original purchased outlet for replacement request.


31.   If the tyre puncture injury diameter is less than 6mm, is it still eligible for TCP replacement?

No, tyre will be repaired by retailers as normal, and related service charges will be borne by consumer.


32.   Though my tyre is repairable, but I prefer to opt for 1-to-1 exchange.

TCP policy only allows replacement of new tyre with any puncture injury that exceeds 6mm in diameter.


33.   Once I have claimed my tyre under TCP, is my new replacement tyre entitled for the same TCP warranty?

New replacement tyre will not be eligible for TCP warranty.


34.   How to withdraw the filed claim?

Consumer will need to report ‘case withdrawal’ request by following the steps in Q12.


35.   What if I want to change to another pattern for the new replacement tyre?

Consumer will have to bear the cost difference of any product upgrade.


36.   Who to bear tyre replacement’s handling charges?

Service fee of RM30 per replacement tyre (fitment, balancing, alignment) is not included and shall be borne by consumers.


37.   How many times tyre is allowed to claim?

Each tyre is eligible to claim once only.


38.   Can a consumer requests different Continental outlet to manage the claim for replacement tyre?

Yes, it is possible However, we highly recommend consumers to return to the original purchased shop to manage the case.


39.   Can a consumer keep the damage tyre?
All damaged tyres need to be returned to Continental outlet.


40.   What if the replacement tyre given is older than the damaged tyre?
All replacement tyres given are subject to outlet’s inventory and availability.