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The Total Confidence Plan covers Continental, Dunlop & Viking brand passenger, SUV, and 4x4 tyres that are:- (a) newly purchased tyres of the Continental, Dunlop & Viking brand; (b) operated in normal service (i.e., for its manufactured purpose); (c) purchased from participating Continental, Dunlop & Viking tyre dealers; (d) Continental, Dunlop & Viking brand tyre of 14’’ and above.

Road Hazard Warranty: Warranty against unrepairable road hazard damages such as impact and/or cut damage (tread, shoulder, and/or sidewall), and/or penetration by sharp thin object, and/or damage through deep cuts (moisture-oxidation).



A minimum of two (2) tyres must be purchased in a single receipt to be eligible for the Total Confidence Plan.



Tyres must be registered for the Total Confidence Plan within seven (7) days from the date of purchase. Registration after the 7-days’ period will not be accepted***.

Each tyre is required to be registered under the Total Confidence Plan warranty program. The registration should be completed by either the participating Continental tyre dealer or you and should include the mandatory information set out as a minimum requirement. Mandatory requirements are – computer generated invoice, customer personal contact information, tyre D.O.T number, tyre size, tyre pattern and barcode on tyre bead. Tyre registration is only available via the Conti TCP app.

Important: All participating Continental tyre dealers are independent contractors and not agents/ employees of Continental. Continental assumes no liability for any damage to your vehicle resulting from the rendering of service or for personal items left in the vehicle. Any claims for personal injury or damage to the property must be submitted to the retailer directly.

By providing your personal data and submitting the same, you shall be deemed to be giving consent to the collection, storage, and/or processing of your personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and any other data protection regulations/legislations.



Other than the excluded conditions listed in Section 5, the Total Confidence Plan covers unrepairable tyre damage within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase or minimum 5mm of tread remaining (whichever comes first) - you may exchange the affected tyre(s) for new Continental brand tyres of same dimension and pattern, from the participating Continental tyre dealer. However, if there is no stock available, you may instead be offered comparable**** new Continental brand tyres.   

  • Charges for fitment, balancing, and alignment are not included and shall be borne by you.
  • The Total Confidence Plan coverage is limited only to the first set of newly purchased tyres and NOT on the replaced tyres.
  • You are required to pay for any/all price difference if the replacement tyres are an upgrade to the originally fitted tyres.
  • There is NO mileage limit within this warranty.

Evidence of tyres:

Continental requires the retailer to provide or upload evidence that the tyre(s) have been taken out of service once they are removed from the vehicle. This evidence includes: (a) whole tyre; (b) D.O.T. serial number; (c) remaining tread depth; (d) damaged areas of tyres as specified in the Conti TCP app.



  • Damage caused by all kind of abrasion road hazard which does not cause unrepairable structural damage.
  • Any wear caused by improper application and non-recommended balancing and alignments.
  • All types of repairable damages (penetration damage – A tyre is considered unrepairable if the size of the puncture diameter is more than or equal to 6 mm, or puncture area is at the sidewall and/or shoulder of the tyre. Puncture repairs are limited to the center of the tread area.  
  • Improper tyres inflation and/or improper load/speed practices.
    • Other Exclusions or Damages due to:
    • Rim irregularities and rim damage.
    • Vehicle mechanical failure include brake problems, etc.
    • Negligent and abusive driving such as tyre spinning or racing.
    • Improper tyre storage.
    • Vehicle collision accident, flood, fire, war, sonic booms, nuclear radiation.
    • Excessive exposure to high temperature.
    • Overloading, racing, competition, modifications of any sort.
    • Chemical corrosion.
    • Not recommended usage by the vehicle manufacturer.
    • Misuse or misapplication.
  • Improper mounting and demounting.
  • Improper tyre maintenance such as balancing, rotation and inflation.
  • Alteration (such as but not limited to):
    • Thread grooving.
    • Tyre truing or siping.
    • Adding sealant other than the original sealant supplied by tyre manufacturer to the tyre.
  • The replacement of accessories and adjustments items such as but not limited to valves, tyre balancing, and alignments.
  • Defects or damage in existence prior to the commencement of the policy.
  • Any incidental and consequential damage such as telephone calls, towing, car rental charges, hotel charges, loss of time, commercial loss.
  • Vandalised tyres.
  • Spare tyres.
  • Improper stud size and/or installation.
  • Commercial service*****
  • Original Equipment (OE) tyres.
  • Out of warranty tyres as per the warranty policy stated in Continental’s official website(
  • Failure to observe safety and maintenance precautions set forth on Continental’s website –  



Continental will honour warranty claims that meet the guidelines outlined in this Terms and Conditions. All warranty claims will be assessed by Continental’s Technical Customer Service team, and final decisions will be made by this team. Tyre replacement will be made by participating Continental tyre dealers.



To make an eligible claim under this Total Confidence Plan, you must present a claim via the Conti TCP app with the tyre to a participating Continental tyre dealer. For the nearest participating Continental tyre dealers, refer to Continental’s website –  and/or from the Conti TCP application. Any case filed by either you or the participating Continental tyre dealers, is considered complete only after participating Continental tyre dealer diagnosed the physical affected tyre and submitted all supporting tyre evidence (refer to section 4).



This warranty only applies in Malaysia, subject to Malaysian law and Malaysian Court jurisdiction.

Continental reserves the right to the final inspection decision on conditions for all tyres returned within the warranty program. The Total Confidence Plan is not a warranty that tyre failures will not happen or that they will not become unserviceable if neglected or mistreated.



* End consumer means the purchaser of the Continental brand tyre(s) from the participating Continental tyre dealer.

**Continental means Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia Sdn Bhd (4296-K).

***The tyre bead barcode will be covered by the rim once mounted. Hence, it is strongly encouraged that you register the tyre at the location of the retailer outlet itself before the tyre is mounted or alternatively take a photo of the tyre bead barcode should you intend to register later (but subject to the 7-days period under section 3 above).

****A “comparable” new Continental brand tyre may be of either the same tyre line or the same basic construction but with a different sidewall or tread configuration. The Total Confidence Plan covers tyres of equal or lesser value. If the end consumer accepts a higher priced tyre, the end consumer is responsible for covering any difference in price.

***** Commercial service means company registered vehicles, e-hailing service, taxis, police cars, emergency vehicles, non-passenger service vehicles, are not eligible for this Total Confidence Plan. Tyre(s) on any vehicle registered and operated outside Malaysia are excluded from eligibility under this Total Confidence Plan.