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Tyre Registration

A. Register a Tyre

Click on "Register a Tyre"

User Manual Guides A1

Select a vehicle

User Manual Guides A2

Select tyre position

User Manual Guides A3

Scan serial number barcode or input manually*

*Manually input DOT, tyre tread pattern, section, aspect & RIM size

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Click "Continue" or "Save as Draft"**

**Kindly note that "Save as Draft" is considered incomplete submission

B. Purchase Info
STEP  01

Enter the Date of Purchase*



Upload a photo of your receipt as Proof of Purchase

*Do note that registration is only valid within 7 days from date of purchase

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C. Select Outlet

Register your outlet by choosing one of the following:

  • Search from retailers list
  • Map of retailers near you
  • Manually enter the details: Outlet name, contact number, address, and postal code.
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D. Registration Complete

Your warranties are displayed here

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E. My Registrations

All your registered tyres will be displayed under "My Registrations"

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F. Feedback

If you need further assistance, do share your comments with us at "My Profile".

G. Total Confidence Plan (TCP) Step-by-Step Guide Video