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Krenzer Paletten - Josef Gensler

Pallet furniture - who does not know them? Whether as a seating area, coat rack or bar counter. There are no limits to the creative variety.

In recent years, the wooden pallet has not only gained importance in the furniture industry but has also established itself as THE transport aid of logistics. 

Did you know that one of the largest pallet manufacturers in Europe comes from the middle of Germany and produces more than ten million pallets annually?

Krenzer Paletten. A third generation family business with decades of quality and tradition in wood processing, pallet production as well as its own distribution.

We have been working very closely with Continental for over 20 years. The support from Conti is top-notch

Josef Gensler, former Workshop Manager at Krenzer Paletten


Krenzer Paletten & Continental - A partnership of trust and continuous change

Continental has been supplying Krenzer Paletten with their truck tires since the 1970s. Every day, Krenzer's truck fleet is on the road in the region to deliver both production with new wood and customers with finished pallets. As the company grew, so did its truck fleet. In addition to trucks, Krenzer Paletten added forklifts to its vehicle fleet to transport pallets in both production and warehouse operations.

Klaus Lederer, area manager for material handling tires at Continental, and Josef Gensler, workshop manager at Krenzer Paletten, have been working closely together ever since, jointly developing new ways to meet the diverse tire requirements of the family-owned woodworking company.

"We have been working very closely with Continental for over 20 years. The support from Conti is top-notch," says Josef Gensler.

Today, the vehicle fleet includes 60 forklifts, 50 trucks, four excavators and a couple of wheel loaders. Almost all machines are equipped with 100% Continental tires. Continental solid tires are used on the maneuverable forklifts.

Thanks to the Plus compound, the SC20+ delivers up to 20% more mileage and improves cut and puncture resistance. The CS20+ not only ensures exceptionally precise steering and cornering behavior, but also minimizes disruptive vibrations for outstanding ride comfort. Both solid rubber heroes meet the highest demands and can be used without hesitation in 3-shift operation at Krenzer Paletten. 

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs” - Digital tire data reduces downtime and increases service life
Krenzer Paletten: Josef Gensler & Klaus Lederer

Wood chips are precisely the challenges that industrial pneumatic tires in wood processing and pallet production must withstand, so that there are no unexpected tire failures due to flying wood splinters or sharp nails.

At its log processing branch, Krenzer Paletten uses an excavator equipped with the ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect digital tire monitoring systems. The system continuously measures tire pressure and tire temperature. The digital tire data can be accessed by both the driver via his own display in the cab and Josef in his workshop at the main site via the web portal or his mobile phone. Up-to-date information on tire pressure and temperature can thus be called up at any time. If the tire pressure exceeds or falls below a defined limit, a warning is issued automatically. Continental thus ensures efficient and digital tire management.

Josef Gensler: "Then you can see the air pressure and, most importantly, the temperature. This increases the service life of the tire."

Even though Josef is now retired and he and Klaus are no longer professionally connected, the view into the future is optimistic. Little by little, new colleagues of the younger generation are taking over. Who knows what solutions will be found to meet the future company requirements and what new DIY ideas for pallets will emerge from this.