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Tire relaunch down under

Mario Arcifa

It's March in Griffith NSW, Australia. The perfect time to harvest the grapes in the fields. Therefore the Arcifa family harvest is in full progress. The soil conditions there are challenging, as they consist of a mixture of rich red clay sandstone and clay stone. This means for Mario Arcifa's family that they must work on a variety of very different soils. The grapes grow best on loose soil. Therefore, a suitable tire for the Arcifa family must not only be able to handle different soils, but also protect the soil and avoid soil compaction. For Mario, the Tractor85 is therefore a good choice: "When we used the Continental Tractor85 on our farm, we found that the tires had a minimal effect on the soil surface.” In addition to this advantage, the Tractor85 offers the family a comfortable ride both on the road and in the field with excellent mileage.

We look forward to improving our farms productivity with Continental tires

Mario Arcifa - Owner – Arcifa Brothers, Griffith NSW, Australia

Mick Carbone, owner of "Agricultural Tires and Wheels" in Bendigo Victoria is also enthusiastic about Continental's return. He is an old hand in his business, working passionately in the agricultural tire and wheel industry for over 25 years. His enthusiasm for agriculture began early when he moved to a farm at the age of 6. He has been driving machines for several years and therefore knows exactly what a good agricultural tire must have. For this reason, he is particularly pleased to be able to offer his customers Continental tires again in his shop. Mick Carbone particularly appreciates the wide range of products Continental offers him: "Our goal is to provide all our customers with the right option for the right application.” The agricultural soil in Victoria is diverse, so it is particularly important for Carbone that the tire meets the high demands of the region and that its customers are satisfied in all areas: "Driver comfort, fuel efficiency, higher working speeds, less soil compaction and longer life will certainly help to deliver a healthier result for all our customers".

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