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Take a step into the future of tire management with the intelligent tire.

All Continental Radial ContiEarth™ tires are equipped with premounted sensors which constantly monitor inflation pressure and temperature of the tire and transmits the information in real time.

The Continental RDT-Master is available with a standard (ST) and a cut resistant (CR) compound.

Technical Details

Wide tread with flat radius for maximum traction

Open shoulder design leads to perfect self-cleaning and enhanced traction

High carcass protection against cuts and damage by foreign objects due to deep tread

Extraordinary resistance to surface stress

Polymer meshing system flexes over rough surfaces and obstacles keeping its structure after pressure release


Earthmoving Brochure English

Earthmoving Brochure English

pdf 8 MB Download

Digital Solutions Brochure English

Digital Solutions Brochure English

pdf 1 MB Download

Digital Tire Monitoring - Earthmoving

Digital Tire Monitoring - Earthmoving

pdf 615 KB Download

Technical Databook - OTR English

Technical Databook - OTR English

pdf 6 MB Download

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