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Fitting for empty container handlers working to move and stack empty containers or on heavy-forklifts transporting bulky industrial goods, the ContiRT20 is the perfect tire solution. 

Innovative tread compound with high resistance towear and tread cracking to deliver high mileage and long-term durability

Technical Details

The tread design features a high number of tread edges to grip the surface beneath the wheel providing high levels of traction on both smooth and more uneven ground surfaces.

  • High number of tread edges to grip ground surface

Good transmission of tractive force with high mileage

  • Large, robust tread blocks with linked tie bars
  • Improves transmission of tractive force and increases mileage by reducing vibration-induced abrasion

To deliver high mileage and long-term durability, the ContiRT20 features an innovative tread compound with high resistance to wear and tread cracking.

  • High durability
  • Resistance to severe wear and tread cracking 

All ContiRT20 tires starting with 24" come with an integrated tire sensor from the factory. This allows for a seamless integration into our digital solutions portfolio.


Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

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Digital Tire Monitoring - Port

Digital Tire Monitoring - Port

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Port Brochure English

Port Brochure English

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