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The ContiRV20 All Season is the ideal tire for small tow tractors and baggage loaders, which operate as part of the ground handling fleet at many airports of the world. No matter if summer or winter conditions, the tire perfectly works on the typical hard and flat airport surfaces and ramps, where it can get slippery when they are wet or are covered in snow or slush (melted wet snow).

Technical Details

  • Angled pocket sipes for optimium traction performance and steering capabilities in both summer and winter conditions
  • Avoid seasonal tire changes

High amount of interlocked tread blocks for increased traction and better braking performance in all weather conditions

  • Three ribs and 30° angle of center blocks for high comfort and steering capabilities


ContiRV20 All Season Factsheet English

ContiRV20 All Season Factsheet English

pdf 452 KB Download

Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

pdf 2 MB Download

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