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The ContiRV20 Velocity has been developed by Continental for industrial high-speed and long-distance applications, like airport ground service.

Technical Details

  • Optimized rubber compound for low rolling resistance
  • Radial tire construction ensures maximum efficiency in the transmission of drive force
  • Lower energy consumption cuts costs (a 10% difference in rolling resistance can cut costs by around 3%)
  • Excellent fuel economy, optimum battery life in electric vehicles, and reduced CO emissions.

To deliver high mileage and long-term durability, the ContiRT20 features an innovative tread compound with high resistance to wear and tread cracking.

  • High durability
  • Resistance to severe wear and tread cracking 

Good transmission of tractive force with high mileage

  • Large, robust tread blocks with linked tie bars
  • Improves transmission of tractive force and increases mileage by reducing vibration-induced abrasion


Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

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