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Terminal tractors with their short wheelbase are designed for tight turns with a lot of tire abrasion. In addition ground conditions are synonymous with a high amount of debris & uneven surfaces with kerbs and rails. The Continental TerminalMaster is designed for this type of heavy-duty application combining a high load carrying capacity, extra deep tread and added damage protection from foreign objects.
TerminalMaster tires are available with and without tire sensors ex factory.

Technical Details

The distinctive S-shaped cross ribs create numerous grip edges for outstanding traction.

Deep tread depth gives increased mileage and added puncture resistance. Reinforced sidewalls give additional protection from foreign objects.

Wide shoulder ribs give resistance to tire abrasion during maneuvers and prevent uneven wear.


Factsheet: TerminalMaster

Factsheet: TerminalMaster

pdf 218 KB Download

Port Brochure German

Port Brochure German

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