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Tailored digital tire management

ContiConnect fits your fleet

Get vital signs from your fleet’s tires

For fleet managers, remotely managing their vehicles' tire health has a measurable impact on their fleet's performance. With ContiConnect tire management solutions, you reduce downtime and ensure your vehicles reach their destinations reliably.

Facts & Figures

How ContiConnect influences your fleet operating costs

Savings per vehicle


of fleet operating costs optimized

Savings per vehicle


annual savings per vehicle*



1% increase in fuel efficiency*

Source: Actual results may vary. According to the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) S.2 Tire & Wheel Study Group

Tailored benefits for your fleet

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Measurably more efficient

Boost efficiency, enhance reliability and improve your fleet’s carbon footprint

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Noticeably simplified control

Optimize tire management to free up precious time and mind space

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Customized fit

Maximize impact on your fleet with a solution that is tailored to your specific needs

How it works

ContiConnect sensors mounted inside your fleet's tires measure tire health, including mileage, temperature, pressure, and more – 24/7 throughout the entire journey. This data then can be conveniently monitored on the ContiConnect platform – via any device.

ContiConnect Live components on a truck

ContiConnect sensors mounted inside the tires of your trailers measure tire data, including temperature, pressure and GPS data – even when untethered and freestanding. This data then can be conveniently monitored on the ContiConnect platform – via any device. GPS data provides full visibility on the exact position of trailers. Rechargeable battery allows for daily readings of tire data for up to 28 days.

ContiConnect Live components on a trailer

ContiConnect sensors mounted inside your fleet's tires measure tire health, including mileage, temperature, pressure, and more. The Yard solution is recommended for vehicles that come regularly back to a dedicated checkpoint like a depot. While crossing the readout station called Yard Reader tire data is transmitted. This data then can be conveniently monitored on the ContiConnect platform – via any device.

ContiConnect Yard on Truck

ContiConnect sensors mounted inside your fleet's tires measure tire temperature and pressure. This data can be continuously monitored on the ContiConnect in-cabin display. The display informs the driver of tire health via audio and visual alerts in real-time. Particularly suitable for long-haul and over-the-road vehicles that do not frequently return to a dedicated checkpoint. 

Driver with ContiConnect Pressure Check on in-cabin display.

  ContiConnect success stories

Discover how fleet managers worldwide seamlessly implemented ContiConnect tire management solutions customized to their fleet's needs.

ContiConnect to provide safe and reliable public transport 

“I can’t think of any better way to manage our more than 5,000 tires.” Bruno Druetta, fleet manager at Bus Company SRL.

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Bruno Druetta and ContiConnect

ContiConnect Live to increase fleet efficiency

"Maintaining the correct tire pressure is crucial, and the live monitoring function, accessible via tablets or phones, is an indispensable tool in our operations."
Frans Gerding, Fleet Manager, Vredeveld Group

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Vredeveld uses ContiConnect

ContiConnect Sensor in truck tire

ContiConnect features that just fit

The user-friendly ContiConnect interfaces provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fleet's tire health within an easy-to-read Web Portal, On-Site App, Driver App or 3rd party system.

ContiConnect User Interfaces

ContiConnect sensors are already placed in intelligent Continental tires or can be retrofitted into any tire. They are permanently placed within the tire, and monitor vital information such as pressure, temperature, and mileage, ensuring peak tire performance and safety.

ContiConnect In-Tire Sensor

Valve Cap Sensors* are bridge solutions for initial fast installation until the in-tire sensor can be inserted. The Valve Cap Sensor is also providing continuous tire pressure data to prevent tire damage and breakdowns.

*intended for retro-fitted installation only

ContiConnect Valve cap Sensor

The battery-powered Trailer Unit receives sensor data and transmits it to the IoT platform in real-time. Every battery guarantees at least 4 weeks of service and is recharged while driving.

ContiConnect Trailer Unit

The In-Cabin Unit receives signals directly from the sensors and from Enabler Units, then transmits them to the IoT platform in real-time. This component can be used without a Central Control Unit.

ContiConnect In-Cabin Unit

The Enabler Unit receives sensor signals and forwards the data to the In-Cabin Unit if longer distances need to be bridged. For this component, a regular power supply is required.

ContiConnect Enabler Unit

The ContiConnect Yard Reader Station acts as a hub for data collection, capturing information from tire sensors as vehicles enter the designated area, providing valuable insights.

ContiConnect Yard Reader Station

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ContiConnect Factsheet

ContiConnect Factsheet

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ContiConnect Live via Bluetooth Dongle

ContiConnect Live via Bluetooth Dongle

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ContiConnect Live via Telematics

ContiConnect Live via Telematics

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