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Digital Tire Monitoring - Industrial Pneumatic Tires

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Intelligent Tire Monitoring for Industry

Take a step into the present of tire management with industrial intelligent tires, saving the need for extensive manual checks and optimizing the life of your tires. Sensor mounting is foreseen for 15” and above for pneumatic radial tires in tubeless applications.* 

ContiPressureCheck sensors which constantly monitor inflation pressure and temperature of the tire and transmit the information in real time to a ContiConnect solution.

*In case of further question to sensor mounting (like mounting in cross-ply tires) please contact your local Continental Technical Customer Services or send an email to

Your Challenges

  1. Lack of time for frequent manual tire checks due to 24/7 shifts.
  2. Manoevring in small areas and high turn rate put high stress on tires and lead to high temperatures in tires.
  3. Drivers and driving behaviours are very diverse.
  4. Especially for rental equipment, applications (indoor and outdoor) can vary widely.

Forklift at work Sensor mounting is foreseen for 15” and above for pneumatic radial tires in tubeless applications.

Our Solution

  • Receive e-mail and SMS alerts or check your tire pressure in the web portal before vehicles leave the depot to help prevent breakdowns in operation. 
  • Properly inflated tires save you 1 % on fuel compared to a tire just ten percent underinflated. Additionally,  it increases casing life by up to 20 %.*
  •  Monitor tire information of entire fleet in web portal.
  • Get precise information on the tires’ temperature to prevent tire damages and breakdowns.
  • Ensure correct inflation pressure during increasingly high operating temperature. Get system- supported tire  information and save working hours for manual pressure checks.

*Please refer to the tire manufacturer’s load and inflation information to determine the tire’s weight capacity and proper air pressure.

Your Benefits

  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Keep track of your assets
  3. Maximize uptime 
  4. Safety

Graphic about Savings for a fleet

Our Options for You

Tire Sensors mounted onto the inner liner: measure pressure and temperature from inside the tire.

is the perfect single vehicle solution for monitoring tire pressure and temperature by using one of the following options: Hand-Held tool, Dashboard display or into their on-board (telematics) system.

is the solution for multiple vehicles, which regularly return to dedicated checkpoints. The Yard Reader Station collects the data of your vehicles wirelessly and  transmits it to the ContiConnect web portal.

is the optimal solution for remotely monitoring the tire pressure and temperature of multiple vehicles in real time − all the time, wherever they may be. It includes the Telematic Control Unit. The data is automatically uploaded to the ContiConnect Web portal. 


Digital Tire Monitoring - Industry

Digital Tire Monitoring - Industry

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Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

Pneumatic Tires Brochure English

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